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Advanced paramedics celebrate decade of care for the capital

  • June 6, 2024
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Advanced paramedics celebrate decade of care for the capital

Advanced paramedics at London Ambulance Service are celebrating their 10th anniversary – a decade in which the specialist team has given patients life-saving treatment and care that otherwise would only be attempted in hospital by doctors. These highly skilled and highly qualified paramedics are sent to patients with the most life-threatening illnesses or injuries across the capital.

And it is now 10 years since the first ever patient was cared for by an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner in Critical Care, a pioneering clinical role created role in London.

“We are pushing the boundaries for what paramedics can do on the roadside or in people’s homes, including surgical procedures and realigning broken bones,” Advanced Paramedic Samantha Margetts said. “We carry specialist equipment and medicine which is in addition to those carried by ambulance crews and can be life-changing for our patients.”

Advanced paramedics work alone in fast response cars and are most commonly sent to patients in cardiac arrest to support ambulance crews support ambulance crews care for the sickest patients bringing their additional skills and experience. They are also called to patients with traumatic injuries – those who have been in traffic accidents, victims of assault or significant sports injuries.

TV viewers got the chance to see the amazing care these paramedics provide in the latest series of “Emergency” which can be streamed on Channel 4.

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