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Russia & North Korea sign defence agreement

  • June 20, 2024
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Russia & North Korea sign defence agreement

Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have signed an agreement pledging that Moscow and Pyongyang will help one another in the event that there is any “aggression” against either nation. The Russian president made the announcement after he had talks with the North Korean leader during an extravagant visit to Pyongyang.

This was Putin’s first visit since 2000. Kim Jong Un hailed it, saying that it took the relationship between the two to “a new, high level of alliance.”

The pact will cement a rapidly growing relationship between Russia and North Korea that many in the west are worried about. It could, according to some observers, have significant ramifications for the planet.

A mutual defence treaty of any kind could result in Moscow assisting Pyongyang with any future conflicts on the Korean peninsula. North Korea could also openly aid Russia in its ongoing war with Ukraine.

The North Korean leader has already been accused of providing weapons to Russia while Putin is believed to have supplied space technology that could aid in North Korea’s missile programme.

On Wednesday the 19th, they signed a “comprehensive partnership agreement” which included a clause in which they agree to provide “mutual assistance in the event o aggression” against either country, Putin said. He did not define what is meant by “aggression” however.

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