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Aston Martin celebrates its 110th anniversary with Valour

  • November 18, 2023
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Aston Martin celebrates its 110th anniversary with Valour

Aston Martin has revealed the Valour to celebrate its 110th anniversary. The V12-powered sports car will be limited to just 110 units, “aimed squarely at those who relish a truly involving driving experience.” It will be the only V12 powered sports car available with a manual gearbox, a “purist approach is unique in 2023 and a thrilling tribute to a golden era of driving,” according to Aston Martin.

Inspiration comes from the original V8 Vantage and Vantage based Le Mans racer, the RHAM/1 ‘Muncher’ from 1980. Cars such as the 1990s twin-supercharged V600 Vantage also played a part in inspiring the car as well as previous special editions, the One-77 and Victor.

The 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 boasts 715PS and 753Nm of torque and can be optioned with a six-speed manual transmission, giving a truly unique driving experience. A mechanical limited-slip differential “enhances the sense of direct analogue connection between car and driver” while electronic traction and stability control helps keep everything in check. Underneath, a bespoke suspension system with adaptive dampers, springs, and anti-roll bars are all “honed specifically” to the Valour. Carbon ceramic brakes are standard on the Valour ensuring “ample stopping power.”

This, Aston Martin says, is “a road car first and foremost,” which means “successfully striking a sporting balance of taut, precise vertical body control and resolute resistance to roll, while offering the compliance to shine on great driving roads.”

The Valour celebrates Aston Martin’s heritage in its interior as well, with a “timeless” two-seater cockpit, including exposed shift mechanisms to help emphasise the mechanical connection. The gear lever itself is available in either machined aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre or walnut. The rest of the interior can be similarly tailored to each car. Further personalisation is available for the livery. Throughout the Valour’s body, buyers can choose from an extensive array of hand-painted stripes and graphic designs in any of 21 paint colours.

Or you can go beyond that with Q by Aston Martin to make a truly bespoke creation. Examples of this include design of a one-off livery, fully exposed 2×2 twill carbon fibre bodywork with a choice of red, blue or green tint, painted wheels, Mokume carbon fibre interior detailing or a choice of Johnsons of Elgin tweed and cashmere fabrics for the seats and headlining.

Production will begin later in 2023 with the first cars being delivered at the end of the year for what Aston Martin calls “precious collector’s piece that demands to be driven.”

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