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The understated glamour of Backgammon gatherings is back à la mode

  • May 27, 2024
  • 2 min read
The understated glamour of Backgammon gatherings is back à la mode

British luxury label, Maison Games, is on a quest to provide the most unique & high quality board games combining style with functionality, not least in the backgammon arena.

Custom designed by London-based Misty Minton – also known for her cool girl homeware, CasaCarta – and inspired by coveted travel destinations and sixties influences, the Maison Games visionary is known for her fresh and vibrant designs. Misty and her family have always been passionate about game playing, especially backgammon, so she decided to venture into game design, crafting the board as a centrepieces for the home, but more importantly a vehicle to spend quality time with loved ones.

Popular Maison designs include the travel backgammon boards which serve as nostalgic voyage mementoes (think St Tropez, Après Ski destinations, Beverly Hills…), the rainbow ‘Love’ chess set of multi-coloured glass, and the coveted marble and evil eye sets.

With chess soon to be recognised as a sport in the UK, the games also boast a more academic purpose with teaching bodies recommending logic activities such as chess to enhance memory and general brain function across all ages. The pastime equally encourages a state of mindfulness or ‘flow state’ and of course offers your eyes a welcome dose of screen rest.

Maison creates bespoke backgammon and chess sets incorporating a unique monogram, company name or design of choice. Recent brand collaborations include Marbella Club and KOIBIRD fashion, exhibiting limited edition boldly designed boards.

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