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Ban fossil fuel ads to combat climate change UN says

  • June 6, 2024
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Ban fossil fuel ads to combat climate change UN says

Fossil fuel industries should be banned from advertising in order to save the planet from climate change. That’s what the head of the United Nations has called for. UN Secretary General António Guterres said that coal, oil, and gas companies were the “godfathers of climate chaos,” adding that they had distorted the truth and deceived people for decades.

With tobacco advertising being banned to promote health, the same should now apply to fossil fuels, he said. His comments were the most damning condemnation of the industries that are responsible for much of climate change. This comes just as further studies are showing the rate of warming has increased and global heat records are being broken.

Data from the EU’s climate service has confirmed that every one of the past twelve months has set a new record in global temperatures for that time of the year. The high temperatures were as a result of human-caused climate change, though they were given a small boost by El Niño.

With a fading El Niño on the horizon, this record-breaking period is expected to pause but will continue to rise in the long term as a result of global emissions. Last year was the hottest on record with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) saying that it could be broken again this year.

A group of around 50 scientists have independently reported on the rate of global warming from humans, showing that it continues to increase. The ongoing high emissions from greenhouse gasses could mean that the planet is getting closer to breaking the 1.5C warming mark over the long term.

The UN Secretary General has, hopefully to prevent this scenario, called for more rapid political action over climate change as well as a “clampdown” on the fossil fuel industry.

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