Battersea school children encourage drivers to reduce emissions

  • May 10, 2023
  • 2 min read
Battersea school children encourage drivers to reduce emissions

Battersea schoolchildren from St. Mary’s RC Primary School  took to the streets to ask passing cars to turn off their engines while they waited. To inform drivers about how their actions could improve air quality, they distributed leaflets and talked to the drivers.

In the meantime, new bicycles and cycling lessons were being delivered to Griffin Primary and St. George’s CE Primary Schools in Nine Elms to help students learn traffic laws while being active.

“Helping our children and families to live healthier lives and breathe more easily are key priorities for this council,” Jamie Colclough, Wandsworth Council’s air quality champion said. Encouraging Battersea schoolchildren “to get involved in these activities is a great way to get the message out to drivers and other residents that we’re serious about reducing emissions around schools in our borough.”

The new anti-idling awareness campaign at St. Mary’s seeks to lower vehicle exhaust pollution and enhance air quality for nearby children who attend that school.

In order to reduce risky exposures and make the school environment healthier for kids, a “superzone” has been established around it. The GLA provides grant funding to the school for projects like a real-time air quality monitor, advice on children’s safe routes to school, a community safety audit around the school, and new after-school physical activity programmes.

In order to determine when exposure is at its highest, the Breathe London air monitor continuously measures air pollution right outside the school. This will help the school inform parents and families so they can reduce their exposure levels.


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