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Historic Upset in Kensington & Chelsea Elections as Labour take Tory Seats

  • July 5, 2024
  • 2 min read
Historic Upset in Kensington & Chelsea Elections as Labour take Tory Seats

Ben Coleman has made history by becoming the first-ever Labour MP for Chelsea and Fulham, narrowly defeating the incumbent Tory minister Greg Hands by a mere 152 votes. This victory marks a significant blow to the Conservative Party, which has seen a string of defeats in what has been a particularly tough night.

Greg Hands, who had held his seat for nearly twenty years, had previously enjoyed a strong majority, securing nearly half of the votes in the last general election. His silence as he exited the count spoke volumes about the unexpected turn of events.

Meanwhile, at Kensington Olympia, Andy Slaughter successfully retained his seat for Labour in Hammersmith and Chiswick. In his victory speech, he expressed optimism for the future, declaring, “We turn the page today. We will welcome in a new government led by Sir Keir Starmer with a huge mandate for change in this country. I welcome that. At last it is time for the country to breathe. We have suffered too long from incompetent leaders.”

Labour’s leader, Sir Keir Starmer, celebrated a landslide victory as traditionally secure Tory seats fell, including Cities of London and Westminster, home to iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Parliament, and Kensington and Bayswater, where Felicity Buchan lost to Labour’s Joe Powell.

However, the night was not without its challenges for Labour. The party faced criticism over its stance on Gaza, leading to some surprising results. In Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn, running as an independent, defeated the Labour candidate. In Leicester South, Shockat Adam, an independent focused on Palestine issues, triumphed over Labour’s shadow minister Jonathan Ashworth in a major upset. Additionally, Iain Duncan Smith managed to hold onto Chingford and Woodford Green for the Tories, with the vote split due to Faiza Shaheen running as an independent after being ousted as Labour’s candidate.

Overall, while Labour celebrated significant victories, the night also highlighted areas of contention and unexpected outcomes in the political landscape.

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