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Big fines for fly-tipping and littering in H&F crackdown

  • June 6, 2024
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Big fines for fly-tipping and littering in H&F crackdown

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has agreed hefty new fines for fly-tipping and littering to help make the borough cleaner. The changes were agreed at a Cabinet meeting on Monday evening (3rd June). The new penalties will act as a strong deterrent against local littering and fly-tipping that can blight neighbourhoods.

Here are the new charges: The penalty for fly-tipping was increased from £200 to £1,000. The penalty for littering was increased from £80 to £150.

A new penalty of £400 for households that pay an unregistered waste carrier to dispose of rubbish was introduced. Residents should always ask for a transfer note/receipt to help ensure that any waste will not be illegally dumped by a rogue contractor.

The new penalties will take effect on 1 July. All funds collected from the new penalties will go towards the costs for the council to remove litter and fly-tipping, as well as the costs of enforcing the new rules.

It’s never been easier for residents to tell the council about fly-tipping and litter problems. You can use the council’s ‘Report It’ service to report issues such as dumped rubbish, as well as dog mess and noise nuisance, to H&F directly. Use the ‘Report It’ page of the council website.

You can directly submit any issue or complaint, along with photographs and the exact location.

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