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BMW unveils Vision Neue Klasse X

  • March 24, 2024
  • 2 min read
BMW unveils Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW has taken the wraps of the Vision Neue Klasse X, a concept car that previews the next generation all-electric iX3 set to hit the road in 2025. It follows from the restrained concept saloon revealed last year, keeping many of its design elements but in an SUV body.

While some have criticised many of BMW’s new designs including the XM and iX, this new car seems to be receiving a better reception, carrying many features that were hallmarks of classic BMWs while still being a thoroughly modern design through and through.

“Neue Klasse” will be an umbrella term for a range of BMW electric vehicles coming over the next few years. It harks back to a 1962 saloon that helped the company stay afloat and redefine itself in the market. This, the company says, is its biggest investment in its history, a billion euro gamble that hopes to carry BMW into the next era of the automotive landscape.

The design evokes plenty of classic BMWs including the 02 series and 3.0 CSL, not to mention the legendary E30 that enthusiasts and BMW fans adore. Inside however it’s a different story as a large touchscreen replaces the buttons and knobs that you may be used to. This is a polarising decision that many manufacturers have taken after the Tesla Model S launched in 2012 with a large screen taking up most of the dashboard.

In keeping the minimalist theme, the Vision Neue Klasse X uses cameras instead of mirrors, saving weight and reducing aerodynamic drag. This has been seen in production cars from Audi and Honda, though they have had to drop the feature for some markets where mirrors are regulatory requirements.

Expect the production iX3 to have a strong resemblance to this concept car when it is unveiled next year.

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