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Tom Kerridge’s Butcher’s Tap & Grill, Chelsea

  • January 24, 2024
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Tom Kerridge’s Butcher’s Tap & Grill, Chelsea

Butcher’s Tap & Grill, Chelsea. 27 Tyron Street. SW3 3LG. Meaty Goodness awaits in Chelsea this winter. Review by Emma Trehane.

Chelsea, once home to many local pubs, has transformed into a haven of stylish bars and glamorous restaurants, leaving behind the raw appeal of traditional pubs like the Queens Head on Tyron Street. It’s this lost local pub ambiance that Chef Tom Kerridge sought to revive when he discovered the site of the old Queens Head and reimagined it as the Butcher’s Tap & Grill, an unpretentious yet exceptional pub that stands out from the ordinary. Rumour has it that Kerridge went all-in, through securing a bank loan and remortgaging assets. It just goes to show how dead-set he is on making his mark with this pub in SW3 and his faith in its success.

Step inside, and you’ll feel the warmth of The Butcher’s Tap & Grill, Chelsea. A sturdy hardwood bar, vintage floors, cosy booths, and an open kitchen on the bottom floor, set the scene. The exposed brick walls give a nod to both style and comfort—perfect for friends catching up or couples on an easy-going date night. Kerridge’s idea of a genuine local’s pub shines through, a breath of fresh air amidst Chelsea’s trendier spots.

We all associate Tom Kerridge, with celebrity chef appearances, numerous cookbooks and most recently the voice of reason behind why we should buy from M&S as opposed to Lidl. He’s the working-class lad from Gloucestershire who worked his way to the top through hard work and graft. His story is one of grit and self-discovery and the pub reflects his personality and dedication to quality, much like the butcher’s meat proudly displayed in ageing fridges; ‘this isn’t just meat this is H G Walter meat’ – one of the country’s most respected butchers.

The menu, offering Butcher’s burgers, steaks, hotdogs, and kebabs, are skilfully prepared by Kerridge’s trained chefs. The T-Bone Steak, a generous 1.2 KG cut priced at £125, exemplifies the commitment to excellence here. Cooked to perfection, the succulent meat mirrors the high standards set by the hanging joints on display.

Kerridge’s kebabs, featuring options like mint lamb or treacle beef, pass as substantial snacks, and are served best with one of the special sauces on offer. Options include Chimichurri Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce and Red Wine Jus Sauce at £4.5. Or, the Smoked Garlic Mayonnaise, Jalapeño Mayonnaise, Spicy Sriracha Mayonnaise, priced at £2 each. The Red Wine Jus Sauce, slightly sweet and acidic, is a standout, lifting the flavours of any meat dish on the menu. The Old Fashioned Hot Dog, priced at £16, is a shout-out to the classic American hot dog, but it’s a far cry from the usual bland ones you find at a local fair or event. What sets this hot dog apart is the exceptional quality of its sausage, and the robust, spicy and meaty texture; add the tangy punch of American mustard and ketchup, and throw in some sweet caramelised onions for good measure, and this is the best hot dog you will taste outside Chicago. 

For burger enthusiasts, the Classic Burger with roasted onions, dill pickle, and BT & G burger sauce (£15) is a solid choice. Vegetarians won’t be disappointed by the Grilled Portobello Mushroom & Blue Cheese Burger, a well thought out twist on the classic, topped with roasted onions, marmalade, and blue cheese mayonnaise (£14.50). True to the Butcher’s Tap & Grill’s ethos, presentation is paramount, particularly with the Truffle and Parmesan Fries (£8). Crisp and infused with the earthy taste of truffle and served in a tasteful take-away cardboard box, showcasing that yet again good food and presentation wins the day.  

To cap off your meal, indulge in decadent desserts—Sticky Toffee Pudding, with Ice Cream and Warm Chocolate & Malt Brownie, with Hazelnut cream, each priced at £8.50. Both desserts, though unbelievably sweet, round off the meal with a touch of indulgence. 

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