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Call for investigation against school “promoting creationism”

  • June 24, 2024
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Call for investigation against school “promoting creationism”

Calls have been made for a school in Wales to be investigated after it promoted creationism and an “evangelical Christian” course. The National Secular Society (NSS) said that it had obtained images of wall displays at Llanidloes High School in Powys that showed marine life and the solar system underneath lines from the Bible including “great are the works of the Lord” and “God created the creatures of the sea.”

The NSS has called for a ban on teaching creationism in Welsh schools. “It undermines teaching about evidence-based theories such as evolution” it said. Community schools “are not permitted to have a religious leaning,” the Welsh government said.  

While teaching creationism as a scientific theory is already prohibited in England, its promotion is not banned in Wales. The NSS claimed that promoting creationism in schools was being led by head teacher Daniel Owen who is also spiritual leader of an evangelical church in Newtown, around 14 miles from the school.

The church’s website says that Mr Owen has “oversight of the (church’s) work amongst children and young people,” adding that the church has a “very special duty to preach the Gospel to every living person.”

The NSS also says that it has been informed that the wall displays at the school are big enough to cover an entire wall and were allegedly paid for by school funds. It also claims that school planners provided to pupils have an advice page that only refers to passages from the bible.

The image, a page from the school planner according to the NSS, has sections on suicide, sex, and abuse, and encourages people to “flee from sexual immorality,” “flee from the evil desires of youth,” and writes that those who look “lustfully” at women had already “committed adultery” in their hearts.  

The advice page does not direct any pupil to a helpline or professional sources of support for these issues.

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