Deliverting full power to your utilities

  • August 19, 2022
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Deliverting full power to your utilities

Full Power Utilities Ltd is a utility consultancy and broker for Businesses. We are a British company with over 27 years experience in the industry, and have the whole market reach of over 35 Utility companies, to ensure you the best price.

All prices are going up and utilities are no exception. Prices at the beginning of 2022 were rising. They started to plateau at the beginning of spring and then began to fall in price. We were getting excited that the Residential market would follow suit. Not a chance, but it was a hope, even for a short time. 


Through us you can choose a fixed rate for 1 year, 2-year, 3-year, or even 4-years. A fix can be put in place 6 months before your present contract ends. Amazing! The longer you are fixed the cheaper the unit price, and consequently, your bill will rise and fall according to how much you use.

Business owners have many worries. Acquiring new business, looking after staff, and stock in and out; utilities, gas, electric and water are always the last thing you, as the bill payer, want to sort out. Utilities are not seen as the most important part of your business. As some people say, “utilities are not sexy enough”. However, they are an unavoidable part of your business. Without electricity you would have no lights, and therefore your laptop would not work for very long.

Have you checked if you are in contract, or on a high variable rate? How much VAT you should be paying (rates may vary)? If you are a charity, are you paying the Climate Change Levy (CCL)? If so, you shouldn’t. Are you paying for the correct metres, and are the metre readings correct, and do you know where your metres are? 

It is possible that you are out of contract and on a higher unit rate, as owners of one, or multiple sites, properties, HMO’s (Home of Multiple occupation), schools, warehouses, nursing homes, and small shops like hairdressers, newsagents, builders’ merchants.

Full Power Utilities can offer a no obligation bill review of your portfolio. For those who have many businesses, we can consolidate the bills, to have a single beginning and end date, and only one monthly bill, instead of several amounts going out per month. That in turn will save you money.

Landlords with HMO’s, R2R HMO’s (Rent to Rent) or Serviced Accommodation, these are businesses and Full Power Utilities will look at your portfolio too. As the prices are going up in October 2020, for residential homeowners, if your HMO is not on a fix, Full Power Utilities can offer, at no cost to yourself, a free bill review and the help you need to help you reduce those business costs, and better maintain your portfolio. 

Whatever your circumstances, if you are on a variable tariff, you can look at the bills, and start your contract before the price rises in October 2022.

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