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Enquiring Minds – Education courses in London from January.

  • January 7, 2024
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Enquiring Minds – Education courses in London from January.

Education Courses, London.


Level 2 Certificate in Floristry

If you are interested in starting your career in floristry this is the course for you. The City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Floristry is an intensive one day a week course for two terms. You will gain an introduction to art and design for florists, how to plan, prepare and construct floral arrangements, including some specialist designs. On successful completion of this course you can progress to the more intensive Level 2 Diploma. This is a Level 2 Certificate course. To join this course you must have done a Foundation in Floristry, or equivalent.


January 12 – July 26

Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy Workshops for Beginners

Learn modern calligraphy at one of London top Calligraphy’s schools. Whether you simply want to learn something new and have never used a pen and ink before, or have always had a love for calligraphy and beautiful handwriting, you’ve come to the right place!


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Jewellery Course

Jewellery making: all levels

This practical course will guide you in crafting metal jewellery to your own designs. Geared to all levels of experience, simple projects practising basic skills are set for beginners and intermediate learners, while more experienced makers are encouraged to extend their skills and experiment with complex approaches such as chain-making and stone-setting. Beginners will learn basic jewellery-making skills – piercing, filing, drilling, polishing, annealing and soldering. Intermediate/ advanced learners will have the opportunity to work on individual projects and to practise, improve and perfect their basic skills. You will have one-to-one advice and demonstrations from the tutor when needed.


February 19 – March 25

Commercial Management Course

Business & Law

Commercial Management Training Courses

IPI Academy’s commercial management courses, are especially designed for the commercial/contracts manager, will give you best practice knowledge and skills to make difficult decisions effectively and confidently as well as allowing you to gain a sound grasp of contract law and understand the financial principles and business implications on which a contract is built. The role of a commercial/contracts manager is exceptionally demanding and complex, especially as companies are increasingly looking at cost as a means of providing competitive advantage. By proactively managing contracts and understanding the commercial implications for your business you will be able to anticipate risks and resolve problems before they arise.


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People Skills Course

High Performance People Skills for Leaders

Learn how to develop strong, influential relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and professional functions. Empower and inspire your people to unlock their potential and build successful teams across different settings. Acquire critical coaching skills to share and receive feedback, helping your people to build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Become a truly authentic leader by focusing on what makes you unique. Gain skills and tactics to confidently confront poor performance and difficult people. Learn how to empower, delegate and influence others, even in situations where you have little authority.


March 4-8

Tapas Cookery Course


Spanish Tapas Class

Dreaming of that delicious Spanish Tortilla or those creamy croquettes you had in Spain? Dive straight back into Spanish cuisine and begin to learn about how to make tapas and most importantly – eat them! If you’re yet to experience true Spanish cuisine, you’re in for a real treat! This Spanish Tapas Class will teach you how to master the most loved Spanish food tradition – tapas. Perfect for entertaining and sharing (if you can)! On arrival for this fun and hands-on class, you will be greeted with a glass of wine, which will flow throughout the evening. Once you have made yourself at home you will get started with a fun and exciting demonstration displaying the dishes you will be cooking throughout the evening. You will be taught the traditional Spanish essentials behind some of the most famous dishes, and you’ll be adding the Avenue twist for some exciting variations. With the help of the chefs, you will then get hands-on and cook up your feast before enjoying your gorgeously home cooked food with new and old friends – Spanish style!


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Macaron Making

Mastering Macarons – Macaron Making Course

Learn to create perfect macaron (French macaroon) every time with this one-day cooking course in London. The recipes taught include Macaron de Nancy, coconut macarons, traditional French macarons, and chocolate ganache. A six-hour group practical lesson (inclusive of a 30 minute break), all ingredients, a recipe booklet, an apron and tea towel. After completing this cookery course, you will leave with all items created during the day along with a mastery of macaron techniques. No prior knowledge is required for this course and it is suitable for both novices and cooks with some experience.


February 17

Make a coffee table course

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths

Make A Coffee Table Day Class

Make a coffee table to take away. The standard material used for this project is Pine. An upgrade to hardwood is possible if you are trying to match the table to your existing furniture. You will cut materials to size from the drawing, learn marking out techniques to create mortise and tenons for the side rails of the table and machine up the pieces for the table top. Use the Jointer to machine the edges for a perfect fit and the router to create the perfect mortise.


February 14

Boom Cycle Fitness Class

Sport & Fitness

Boom Cycle Class

Boom Cycle puts the fun factor into getting your sweat on. You decide how far to push yourself, the instructors are there to guide and encourage you the whole ride. It’s the ultimate, ‘party on a bike’ experience for anyone looking for that full body workout. Everyone can be, and is part of, the Boom Cycle experience. Come join the party.


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