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Enquiring Minds: Latest Education Courses from London

  • March 3, 2024
  • 7 min read
Enquiring Minds: Latest Education Courses from London

Enquiring Minds is EyeOnLondon’s regular Education guide, bringing readers the best up-to-date education courses on offer in London.

Arts and Crafts

Developing Photography Skills

Already know the basics of photography but want to take things further? Refresh your knowledge, learn more advanced skills and develop your creative ideas, with an established professional photographer on hand for technical guidance and creative inspiration. This course is an ideal follow-up to the Beginner’s photography course, or for anyone with a basic technical grounding. As well as revising and refreshing existing knowledge, you will learn new, more advanced skills – from exposure use to selecting the right lens – and practice how to apply them across different themes and styles of photography.


See website for dates

Sculpture Course

Sculpture Course

Whilst it is not required that students complete the Foundation Course before joining the class, it will prove beneficial if they have done so as it provides a strong understanding of proportion and gesture. Depending on their level, students will work from plaster casts and/or life models. They will build armatures and learn how to handle the clay. They will learn how to judge proportions both with the eye and with callipers, progressing from simple shapes to more complex life forms. New students are admitted each term, those wishing too enroll on the figure/portrait courses must have completed the introduction to sculpture course first.


See website for dates

Business & Law

The Business of AI

Business AI Course

Light up the real business value of Artificial Intelligence. Discover how you can create significant new value and solve your biggest business challenges by using AI technologies. Gain a solid understanding of the advantages and limitations of AI and machine learning (ML) in business settings to communicate effectively with stakeholders. Increase your professional value and become an in-demand leader with the rare ability to connect this powerful technology to business value and results. Explore real-life examples of how the global nature of the economy has allowed AI to connect businesses around the world and deliver value across diverse applications. Determine how you can leverage AI and ML to create value for your business. Develop your AI expertise through the process of creating, refining and presenting your AI implementation plan.


February 12 – April 28

Regulating the Digitalisation of the Financial Services Market (Fintech)

Regulation of Financial Services Course

This one week executive short course considers the re-shaping and re-conceptualisation of significant parts of financial regulation and supervision, necessary to enable and control contemporary and future ways to provide and use financial services and products. It will enable participants to chart the extended boundaries of regulation and supervision affecting financial services, put relevant legislative projects into context and develop strategies on how to implement changes to the regulatory framework of financial services in practice.


April 8-12


Dim Sum Cooking Class

Dim Sum Cookery Course

Love Dim Sum? Learn how to make these beautiful authentic Dim Sum in this sociable and engaging three-hour London cooking class and get to enjoy your own hand-made Dim Sum afterwards! You’ll follow step-by-step instructions guiding you on the art of dim sum creation. From rolling the dough, preparing and mixing the fillings, to forming the dumplings and cooking them, your local expert chef will be there to give you all the tips and tricks you need. This Dim Sum class has been designed with complete beginners in mind. Explore different ingredients, fillings and equipment and pick up some new skills in this delicious Chinese delicacy. If you’re looking for things to do in London that will feed your brain and your belly, this workshop is ideal.


Ongoing, see website to pick a date

Mediterranean & Latin Cookery Course

Mediterranean & Latin Cookery Course

Serious about expanding your culinary repertoire? Take three of the most loved courses and travel from Spain to Italy to Morocco with us as you explore the techniques and flavours that make this cuisine among the healthiest and most loved in the world. Fresh ingredients and bold preparations are the cornerstones of eating across the Mediterranean. Use the very best authentic ingredients and guide you through new styles and old traditions of each region, creating a series of traditional and delicious menus.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths

Introduction to Astronomy

Astronomy Course

These new Introduction to Astronomy short courses allow anyone interested in space sciences to learn more about astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. The content of Introduction to Astronomy is divided into two courses intended to be taken sequentially: Introduction to Astronomy I, which includes the following topics: Foundations of Astronomy, Techniques in Astronomy, Solar System, the sun and Stars. This course is offered from October 2023. Introduction to Astronomy II will include the following topics: Interstellar medium, extrasolar planets, alien life, Galaxies and Cosmology. This course will be offered from October 2024 and the corresponding details will be posted here in the summer 2024. You’ll study in UCL’s Physics and Astronomy Department, which is top-rated for teaching and research.


See website for dates

Free Maths Courses for Adults

Maths Course

West Thames College now offers Multiply courses which are FREE fully-funded programmes to help adults improve their confidence with numbers and brush up their maths skills. If you’re aged 19 or over, live in London, and do not already have a GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) in maths, Multiply is available to you at no charge. Are you moving into your own home for the first time or struggling with the rising cost of living? You will learn how to manage your money and how to have more control over your finances. You will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes you need to manage your money. You learn how to make a budget, monitor your bank account and cut back on your spending.


See website for dates

Sport & Fitness

Climbing Course

Climbing Course

Climbing is a fantastic way to get fit, build strength and stamina, meet people and make new friends. Whether you are looking to learn the essential skills of rope work and belaying, boulder in the centre with confidence, take the next step into lead climbing or brush up on your skills & techniques, there is a course for you. All instructors and coaches are passionate indoor and outdoor climbers. They are qualified and experienced in teaching climbing at all levels from beginners to more advanced climbers, and will be keen to pass on their knowledge to you.
See website for dates

Travel to France for Tennis

Tennis Course

An exceptional setting in the French Riviera with over 320 days of sunshine a year and 12 hectares of state-of-the-art sports facilities, the Mouratoglou Academy is one of the most visited destinations in the world for intensive outdoor tennis throughout the year. This academy offers a variety of training programs that will allow you to quickly obtain significant results, giving you all the keys to achieve your goals. Joining the Mouratoglou Academy for a course means joining a family of enthusiasts led by a team of teachers using the Mouratoglou methodology has proven its efficiency for 25 years.


See website for dates

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