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Front door colour can influence homebuyers

  • November 18, 2023
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Front door colour can influence homebuyers

Research by estate agent Nested has found that the traditional brown front door is falling out of favour with half of homebuyers admitting that the colour of a house’s front door influences their decision to buy a home. Front doors can affect the overall aesthetic of a house. The material, era, and any design features including stained glass and heavy iron door knockers, can all affect the overall feel of a house and colour is among them.

Nested commissioned a survey of 1,000 UK homebuyers. It found that 94% of them admitted that the colour of the front door has an impact on the overall appeal of the external aesthetic of a property.  Half of them admitted that the colour has some influence over their decision to either buy the house or look elsewhere. It seems that the colour of a front door can be a deal breaker for some.   

The favourite is grey with 18% naming it as their first choice, suggesting that buyers are looking for a very modern look. Other popular choices are black (18%), blue (16%), green (16%), and white (11%).

The least popular is the traditional brown with only 3% of buyers preferring the traditional natural wood-finish or any style that resembles it. The colour preference is all part of the overall aesthetic of a home and 41% said that they would pay a price premium to secure a property with the right aesthetic.

“It’s strange to think that something so simple as the colour of a front door could sway someone’s decision to buy a home,” Alice Bullard, Managing Director at Nested said, “and the reality is that the door itself can be easily changed, but it’s the overall first impression it adds to that is of the utmost importance when looking to attract a buyer.”

In the current market, she added, buyers have the upper hand and drawing them in with a good impression can maximise the chances of selling. “If they’re deterred at the first hurdle it’s likely to dent their enthusiasm throughout the rest of the viewing and, ultimately, can result in your home sitting on the market for a longer period of time. So if you are struggling to sell, it’s worth considering if your front door needs a little TLC as it’s a cost effective step to take, particularly if it boosts your chances of securing a sale.”

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