Funding announced for new London Museum

  • May 11, 2023
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Funding announced for new London Museum

Thanks to a recent funding announcement by the City of London Corporation, the Museum of London will move to the Smithfield site of the historic markets. The project will receive £73 million to support the next stage of the museum’s relocation and regeneration. This funding commitment will also help ensure the long-term viability of the site’s historic market buildings.

The new museum project is a significant undertaking for the City Corporation, and the funding will help the institution rank among the top ten tourist attractions in London. This goal will bring considerable economic benefits to the Smithfield neighbourhood, with over two million visitors a year expected to visit.

With the £73 million in funding, the Museum of London can appoint subcontractors to commence the construction of the new museum. The main works will be overseen by construction management partner, Sir Robert McAlpine. Preview events and a festival curated by Londoners will take place towards the end of 2025, with the museum’s official opening as a tourist destination scheduled for 2026.

The new museum space will enable the Museum of London to display more of its collection, and it will have the capacity to host a diverse range of exhibitions, displays, educational activities, and events. The museum’s overarching goal is to provide a world-class learning opportunity to every schoolchild in London, with the hope of inspiring the next generation to appreciate and understand the city they call home.

Image: Matt Brown

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