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H&F Council installs first of 500 new cycle hangars

  • February 11, 2024
  • 2 min read
H&F Council installs first of 500 new cycle hangars

As part of a three year plan to increase cycling storage for residents, Hammersmith & Fulham have installed the first of 500 new cycle hangars. Holding six bikes per unit, the new hangars will add an additional 3,000 parking spots by 2027.

The rollout is part of a £3 million investment, part-funded by H&F’s pioneering new Green Investment scheme.

“We know that residents want to cycle and that they need somewhere to store their bikes securely,” said Cllr Sharon Holder, H&F Cabinet Member for Public Realm. “So, this investment will help people get on their bikes with the peace of mind that they’ve got a safe place to lock them.”

Cllr Holder unveiled the first new Hammersmith & Fulham cycle hangars in Overstone Road, Hammersmith, on Thursday (25th January). She was joined by local resident Eloise Illingworth and her 11-month-old daughter, Beatrice. “My husband and I have managed to secure places for both our bikes,” Eloise said.

The weather-resistant units provide street cycle parking in half the space of a car parking bay. They’re designed to withstand power drill and angle grinder attacks.

“We thought about getting cycling storage in the front garden as we don’t have railings outside our house to secure the bikes,” Eloise explains. “But as it’s a conservation area, we would need planning permission.”

The couple resorted to storing their bikes in their kitchen. “We’re really happy to have the spaces in this cycling hangar now. It’s convenient and keeps our bikes nice and safe.”

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