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‘Heat dome’ brings dangerous weather to western US

  • June 6, 2024
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‘Heat dome’ brings dangerous weather to western US

Over 34 million people in western US states are preparing for extreme temperatures as a ‘heat dome’ is expected to hit the region. Forecasters are warning residents in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona to prepare as temperatures will hit 104F or 40C by Friday. Later in the week, extreme temperatures are expected to reach areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Similar temperatures in 2023 killed at least a dozen people in the southwestern states. The US Border Patrol in Texas says that four migrants attempting to enter the country have died over the weekend due to heat-related illnesses.

Forecasts predicted temperature as high as 108F (42.2C) across parts of California from the state capital, Sacramento, to Bakersfield. The capital passed 100F (38C) on Tuesday. Last year, it did not reach that temperature until the end of June.

The warnings have since expanded from Las Vegas to the Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Some areas in southern Texas saw 117F (47.2C) on Tuesday, 4th June. But Thursday is expected to be the worst in the week with forecasts expecting temperatures to be 10-20F (5.5-11C) above the normal.  

Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Fresno could all break their own records for high temperatures. Residents in the region are advised to stay inside air-conditioned rooms and out of  the sun, wear loose-fitting clothing, and drink extra fluids. Firefighters throughout the states are on stand by in case any wildfire break out because of the intense heat.

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