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Households warned of cockchafers invading garden

  • May 15, 2024
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Households warned of cockchafers invading garden

Brits are being warned to keep an eye out for cockchafers in their gardens this may. The experts of Gardening Express.co.uk have given some information about what to look out for to keep these bugs from ruining your garden.

The six-legged insects, also known as maybugs are known to be a nuisance in the garden but thankfully do not bite humans. They are however known to chew on leaves and flowers and their larvae, known as grubs, cause the most damage to grass roots. This can result in patches and a tainted yellow colouring on the grass.  

Adults can be spotted by their large brown-coloured and slightly hairy bodies with wings on the back and antennas on the front. The six-legged animals also make a loud buzzing sound which can be noisier than bees. The grubs are only a few millimetres long and have white c-shaped bodies. They can be found in the soil. The adults are attracted to plants and flowers as they tend to feed on them.

Light can also attract them which is where you’ll often find them swarming around in warm evenings. They don’t bite but that doesn’t stop them being a nuisance, their loud buzzing being one reason.

Warm and moist soil attracts the grubs because it is easier for them to mover around. They also love organic mulch which they feed off. If left alone, cockchafers can cause major damage to plants, flowers, and grass, leaving it untreatable. Grubs also ruin the grass, feeding on the roots and resulting in patchy and discoloured gardens.

Spraying lavender-scented products around plants and flowers wards off the adults. Keeping the windows shut at night will prevent them from getting inside as light attracts them. Grubs can be lured up to the surface by watering the garden at night and covering the damp area with a blanket or sack. By morning they will appear on the top of the soil.

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