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Maths Consultant ‘Mr Multiply’ Empowers Adults with Mathematical Skills in Hammersmith and Fulham

  • March 1, 2024
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Maths Consultant ‘Mr Multiply’ Empowers Adults with Mathematical Skills in Hammersmith and Fulham

Isaac Anoom, affectionately known as Mr Multiply, is leading a charge to inject excitement and practicality into adult maths education across Hammersmith and Fulham. Known affectionately as “Multiply,” this initiative, supported by the government, aims to revolutionise adult numeracy skills nationwide.

Adult Maths Education
Isaac Anoom

Mr. Multiply’s mission transcends proficiency levels, aiming to make maths accessible to all adults regardless of their numeracy abilities. He underscores the importance of numeracy in daily life, emphasising its relevance in managing finances, assisting children with homework, interpreting media statistics, and enhancing employability.

In a remarkable outreach effort, Mr. Multiply has extended his services to Wormwood Scrubs prison, where he works with inmates on financial literacy and numeracy skills. This endeavour not only equips prisoners with essential life skills for their reintegration into society but also fosters a sense of self-worth and confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Despite initial doubts, many prisoners have embraced Mr. Multiply’s guidance eagerly, with some even expressing interest in pursuing GCSE mathematics exams—an achievement celebrated as a testament to the Multiply Project’s success.

At the Macbeth Centre on Kings Street, Hammersmith, Mr. Multiply hosts diverse sessions catering to various skill levels, including “Brush Up Your Maths Skills,” “Financial Literacy for All,” and entry-level maths exams. These sessions, offered free to residents, have garnered widespread acclaim for their effectiveness in fostering a love for learning mathematics.

Encouraging community engagement, Mr. Multiply invites individuals to visit the Macbeth Centre for a friendly taster session with the Maths Team. With sessions available throughout the day, participants leave feeling confident and motivated to embark on their mathematical journey.

Beyond in-person engagements, Mr. Multiply hosts a weekly radio show on Chalkhill Community Radio and creates educational maths comics, furthering his mission to make maths accessible and enjoyable for all.

For those interested in joining Multiply maths courses or exploring other offerings at the Macbeth Centre, inquiries can be made in person or by calling 0208 753 3600.

Mr. Multiply’s dedication to empowering adults with mathematical skills stands as a beacon of inspiration, promising a brighter, numerate future for all.

Maths Consultant Isaac Anoom, affectionately known as Mr Multiply, is a man on a mission to bring the fun, excitement and life skill of learning maths to all adults in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Multiply is the new Government initiative to help transform the mathematical lives of adults across the country. Mr Multiply is about making maths accessible to all adults irrespective of their maths and numeracy ability. He wants all adults to understand the purpose and necessity of being numerate for everyday life. Maths is everywhere, says Isaac, whether you are wanting to improve household finances, helping children with their maths homework, making sense of stats and facts in the media or improving numeracy skills for work. Isaac, Mr Multiply, wanted to reach all sections in our society and has reached out to Prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs prison. Isaac says this is one of the most rewarding things he has done in teaching to date. Being able to work with and support Prisoners with their maths means that on release, they will be able to manage their money and finances a lot more carefully, navigate through the cost of living crisis and as one Prisoner told Isaac, I will be able to help my daughter at home with her school work. Isaac’s work in the prison centres on financial literacy and giving the prisoners self belief and self value in their maths skills. Many of the prisoners who Isaac works with had doubts about learning maths but once Isaac showed them how good they are now they eagerly look forward to their weekly sessions and some of the inmates now want to do their GCSE maths exam. This is a triumph and legacy for the Multiply Project. Isaac runs different sessions for all abilities at the Macbeth Centre on Kings Street Hammersmith including, ‘brush up your maths skills’, Financial Literacy for all’ and entry level 1 and 2 maths exams. The multi[ply project has allowed me to make so many people want to learn maths, enjoy learning maths and develop their own maths skills at his classes in the Macbeth Centre. Mr Multiply wants as many people as possible to come to the Macbeth Centre, meet the Maths Team and try a friendly taster session. Multiply sessions and classes are free to residents and there are classes throughout the day. With Mr Multiply, everyone leaves feeling confident and eager to start a maths course.

Isaac has his own maths radio show every Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30pm on Chalkhill Community Radio station and also writes maths comics. Anyone interested in Multiply maths courses or any other courses on offer at the Macbeth Centre should pop into the Centre on Kings Street or call 0208 753 3600.

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