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Labour Party Secures Majority in 2024 UK General Election

  • July 5, 2024
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Labour Party Secures Majority in 2024 UK General Election

The Labour Party has officially won enough seats in the UK’s 2024 general election to secure a majority in parliament. As the vote count continues, Labour Leader Keir Starmer is set to become the next Prime Minister, poised to form a majority government.

Key Points:

  • Labour’s Victory: As of 5 a.m. GMT Friday, Labour had secured 326 of the 650 seats in the UK parliament, clinching a majority.
  • Prime Minister Sunak Concedes: Outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged the defeat, stating that the British people have delivered a “sobering verdict.”

Notable Wins and Losses:

  • Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, finally won a seat after seven unsuccessful attempts.
    Jeremy Corbyn retained his seat in North London, now as an independent.
  • Former Prime Minister Liz Truss lost her Norfolk South West seat to Labour by several hundred votes.
  • Penny Mordaunt, the House of Commons leader, lost her Portsmouth North seat to Labour’s Amanda Martin by fewer than 1,000 votes.
  • Other prominent Conservative losses included education secretary Gillian Keegan and former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Election Outcomes:

With nearly all results tallied, Labour had won 410 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons, while the Conservatives managed 118. This landslide victory for Keir Starmer’s Labour marks a significant shift in the UK’s political landscape. Starmer, who led the party to the political center, will face the task of addressing economic challenges, restoring trust in institutions, and mending the social fabric.

Labour’s Historic Win:

Keir Starmer’s leadership has brought Labour its first national election win since Tony Blair’s three consecutive victories starting in 1997. Starmer’s campaign focused on centrist policies, similar to Blair’s “New Labour” approach in the 1990s. As a result, Labour’s victory marks the end of a 14-year Conservative rule.

The formal transition of power will occur on Friday, during a ceremony where King Charles III will invite Keir Starmer to form the new government, officially making him the Prime Minister.

EyeOnLondon will continue to provide updates as the new government takes shape and begins addressing the pressing issues facing the country.

[Image: Credit: Labour Party]

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