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Maserati SUV lineup set to grow

  • March 12, 2022
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Maserati SUV lineup set to grow

On the 22nd of March, Maserati is taking the wraps of the Grecale, the newest member of the trident’s stable. SUVs are all the rage now and Maserati has already responded with the larger Levante (pictured). The new car will be a smaller offering, set to rival Porsche’s Macan. And, in a first for the Italian car maker, it will be offered with electric power as well as petrol and hybrid options. 

It continues a tradition of Maserati models named after winds. “It all began in 1963 with the Mistral. Then the Ghibli, Bora, and many others followed, leading up to the 2016 Levante,” the company says. “The strong, cool, Mediterranean wind brings a whole new wave of technology, performance and design feats.”

Later in the year, Ferrari will be unveiling the Purosangue, its first SUV, following on from the Aston Martin DBX, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, and Rolls Royce Cullinan.  

And with the Grecale, Maserati is doubling its SUV line-up with a more affordable model that sits below the larger and pricier Levante. This is a cash cow for the legendary car maker, best known for the race cars of Fangio’s era. 

Many purists have, since Porsche released the Cayenne back in 2003, have scoffed at these luxury and performance brands ‘selling-out’ and building these types of cars. And from their perspective, they have a point. These were brands who made their names and reputations from selling lightweight, high-performance sports cars as well as some of the most successful race cars of all.  

But if enthusiasts and purists had their way and made the decisions for their favourite marques, few of them would survive as long as they have. The Urus has already become Lamborghini’s all-time best seller. It has been a cash cow for the raging bull and the Grecale will likely be no different.  

Fortunately, none of these brands have abandoned what made them so loved. Lamborghini still makes V12 supercars with scissor doors, and Ferrari is still a player in F1 and bringing that tech to the road. And in 2020, Maserati revealed the MC20, a new mid-engined supercar that promises to bring some oomph back to its stable. 

There are many things to hate about SUVs, the space they take up on the road as well as their higher emissions and the danger they pose to other road users. But for purists who love these brands, these cars have helped ensure the survival of some of the top sports and super car makers and given them the funds to make more exciting offerings well into the future. 

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