Meet the team

Eye On London

Emma Trehane (Founding Editor)

Emma’s journey into launching EyeOnLondon started as an academic in the Humanities. Much of her research brought her to London, where she immersed herself in the lives of newspaper editors, readers, writers, and publishers. As a member of the renowned Chelsea Arts Club she became introduced to some of the country’s top writers, journalists, designers, editors, film-makers and artists.
Living up to its reputation, she thrived on the intellectual and social vibe of London life and has never looked back. In the mid-tweenies she moved up to the Capital where she worked with a Kensington & Chelsea publication, eventually taking on the role of editor. Her editorial experience, combined with a nuanced understanding of the business dynamics of the media, motivated Emma to transition into a commercial consultancy role at a City of London publication.

This move not only fuelled her entrepreneurial spirit but also paved the way for her to become a Freeman of the City of London. Driven by her skills and ambition, she aspired to create something extraordinary and in February 2021 launched a series of 5 print titles across central London: EyeOnLondon, a visually striking and compelling publication, which brings together the country’s finest writers to deliver engaging content that resonates with its readership.

Always captivated by new technologies and the evolving landscape of journalism, Emma is now steering EyeOnLondon into a new era. Her latest endeavour involves taking the publication online, mirroring the eye-catching nature of the print issue. Beyond that, she envisions EyeOnLondon as a platform that not only provides first-rate London news and features but actively engages with the communities it serves.

Fahad Redha - Content Editor

Fahad embarked on his career at the University of the Creative Arts, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Following graduation, he contributed to a local London newspaper in Kensington & Chelsea.

His roles evolved, and he eventually assumed the positions of motoring, events, and health editor. During this period, Fahad showcased his talent by covering events such as the Classic Car Show and Salon Privé. Ever the versatile journalist, he contributed across various sections, including news, sport, and education, gaining valuable experience in diverse genres.

Not one to shy away from learning new skills, Fahad has recently taken up photography and developed a passion that complements with his journalistic work. Armed with a camera, he is the visual storyteller for many of his articles, especially those focusing on motoring events.

In February 2021, Fahad received an invitation from Emma to join the EyeOnLondon team.

He has played an important role in diversifying the publication’s coverage across various sections. 

Since the launch of the EyeOnLondon online platform in 2023, Fahad has worked with Emma on establishing the editorial direction of the website alongside his continued contributions in Print.