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Members of Hackney gang jailed after painstaking investigation

  • April 20, 2024
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Members of Hackney gang jailed after painstaking investigation

A “painstaking” four-year investigation by Met officers has led to the conviction of four “highly dangerous” Hackney gang members. The men were jailed for a total of 76 years at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, 17th April, for a wide range of drug and firearms offences, including shootings in Hackney in March and May 2020.

Three brothers Ryan Gordon, 31 (29.11.92) of Lynmouth Road, N16; Jameal Gordon, 32 (12.08.91) of no fixed abode, and Ramela Gordon, 28 (19.06.95) of Lynmouth Road, N16, were sentenced for 21 years, 25 years and 21 years respectively. A fourth accomplice, Edwin Osei, 26 (23.09.97) of Clapton Common, E5 was jailed for nine years.

Specialist officers from Hackney built a case against the four men who were involved in criminality which brought extreme violence and drugs to the streets of east London, impacting communities.

The Gordon brothers held positions of authority in a Hackney based gang and Osei helped the brothers to plan to harm rival gang members. Met officers pieced together the lives and inner workings of these gangs to understand the range of the individuals’ offending and a timeline of activity.

Officers were able to show that the Gordon brothers and Osei were involved in a number of firearm offences. In one instance on the 14th March, 2020, the Gordon brothers discharged a number of rounds from the Uzi sub machine gun into a block of flats targeting an opposing gang. One of the bullets injured a member of the public passing by on their way home from work.

A vast range evidence including CCTV footage was gathered by officers, further showing how the Gordons were involved in another firearms case where a self-loading pistol was fired in a heavily pedestrianised area of Homerton on 21st May, 2020.

Warrants executed at a block of flats in Lynmouth Road, N16 on 29th May, 2020, led to the seizure of crack cocaine and heroin hidden away in lift shafts, with a combined street value of £20,000. They also found the pistol that had been used in the Homerton shooting hidden in a shaft of the lift up to the apartment.

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