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Moose kills US man trying to photograph its calves

  • May 23, 2024
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Moose kills US man trying to photograph its calves

A man in the US state of Alaska has died after a moose charge at him while he was photographing its two calves.  Dale Chorman, 70, was taken by surprise after the animal attacked on his property in the town of Homer. Mr Chorman was declared dead at the scene.

His son realised that the moose was only protecting its offspring and did not want the animal put down for the killing. A friend who was with Mr Chorman at the time was unharmed. The friend has not been identified.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety reported that Mr Chorman was looking for the animal and its calves on his property to photograph them. Tim Kizzia, another friend of the victim, said that the animal came “suddenly… crashing out,” catching Mr Chorman off guard.

“They turned to run and his friend looked back and saw that Dale was already on the ground and the moose was standing over Dale,” he told the Alaska News Service.

Medics pronounced Mr Chorman dead at the scene. The moose as well as its two calves have all since left the area.

His son, Nathan Spence-Chorman, said that the family does not want to see the moose killed.

“[Dale] was not a hapless fool stumbling into danger — this was a person who went out looking for a great photo, knowing the risks, and got caught in a dangerous moment,” he said on social media. “The moose, obviously, is not at fault. She was just protecting her offspring.”

Moose attacks are rare but like all animals, they can become aggressive when provoked, especially calving mothers.

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