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Have you seen this Thames Water protest in London pub bathrooms?

  • May 31, 2024
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Have you seen this Thames Water protest in London pub bathrooms?

In a unique and creative protest against the ongoing sewage issues at Thames Water, two advertising students have taken to the streets of London to raise awareness and drive action. The students, Ana Patterson and Tom Hardwick, are distributing custom-printed toilet rolls around London, featuring a QR code that links directly to a petition demanding that Thames Water take accountability.

The toilet rolls, which carry the slogan ‘This Will Probably End Up In The Thames,’ are designed to catch the attention of Londoners and prompt them to scan the QR code, learn more about the issue, and sign the petition.

Patterson and Hardwick have said,

“We wanted to create a protest that was both impactful and memorable. Toilet rolls were a great medium to use, as they capture people’s attention at the one time of day they come into contact with sewage. Though our stunt uses humour to engage people, it carries a serious message. It’s time to hold Thames Water and other water companies to account.”

The topic is an issue that’s close to the students’ hearts, with Tom as an avid wild swimmer, Ana spending her whole life living near the Thames. They continued, “We’re appalled at the state of our beloved rivers, and want to encourage others to get involved and create a change in the law.”

Thames Water has faced significant criticism for its sewage management practices, and since 2020 has caused at least 72 billion litres of sewage discharges (source: BBC News). Water companies are currently permitted to release sewage into rivers and seas, but only during exceptional circumstances.

The petition, which was set up prior to Ana and Tom’s involvement, calls for “regulatory bodies to enforce stricter regulations on Thames Water and similar companies regarding their waste disposal practices”.

You can access and sign it here: https://www.change.org/p/demand-accountability-from-thames-water-for-non-stop-sewage-discharge-and-change-of-law?source_location=psf_petitions

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