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Newly sold cars must come with speed limiters

  • July 9, 2024
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Newly sold cars must come with speed limiters

All new cars that are launching or will be released in the EU are now required to be fitted with an Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) from 7th July, 2024, according to new regulation from the European Commission. This would also make existing unregistered cars on dealer forecourts having to be retrofitted with a speed limiter before they can be sold.

The mandate came after legislation requiring all new vehicles sold in Europe be fitted with speed limiters was approved on 6th July, 2022. The Department for Transport (DfT) confirmed that cars sold in the UK will not be affected but that the regulation will apply to cars in Northern Ireland, according to Auto Trader. The DfT has said that it will continue to research how transport users across all modes can benefit from the latest technology to make journeys safer and reduce emissions.

A speed limiter is a device that ensures that the vehicle it is fitted to cannot exceed a certain speed set. Unlike cruise control which maintains a constant speed through the journey allowing the driver to take their foot off the accelerator, a speed limiter will allow the driver to accelerate and decelerate, providing they don’t exceed the set limit.

The purpose is to act as a speed warning system rather than a cruise control system which would prevent fatigue on longer journeys. The ISA uses GPS data as well as, in some cases, traffic-sign recognition cameras to determine the maximum speed limit in an area and limit the engines power to keep it within that limit.

It can also send haptic, audio, and visual warning to the driver until they reduce their speed to be within the limit. Pressing hard on the accelerator can override it but the system will be reactivated every time the car is restarted.

Multiple manufacturers have already begun to include it from the factory in some cars. These include Citroen, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo. Renault has gone beyond that. The French brand has limited the top speed of its new cars to 112mph to increase safety. All new cars, vans, trucks, and buses will have to have an ISA but motorcycles currently do not need to as the existing technology has not been adapted for bikes.

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