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Over 550 deaths reported in Mecca pilgrimages from over 50C heat

  • June 19, 2024
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Over 550 deaths reported in Mecca pilgrimages from over 50C heat

At least 550 pilgrims have died during the hajj in Mecca. This has highlighted the “gruelling nature” of the event, The Guardian said, which unfolds during scorching heat. At least 323 of the deaths were reported to have been Egyptians who succumbed to heat-related illnesses, two Arab diplomats coordinating the responses of their countries told AFP.

“All of them [the Egyptians] died because of heat” aside from the one who suffered fatal injuries from a minor crowd crush, according to one of the diplomats. The total figure, they added, came from the hospital morgue in the Al-Muaisem area of Mecca.

As many, if not more than, 60 Jordanians were also reported to have died, their diplomat said, up from an official tally of 41 on Tuesday by Amman. These brought the total reported deaths from multiple nations up to 577 according to a tally by AFP.  The diplomats said that the total number given at one of Mecca’s biggest morgues was 550.  

The Egyptian foreign ministry previously said that Cairo is collaborating with authorities in Saudi Arabia on search operations for Egyptians who were reported missing during the hajj. “A certain number of deaths” had occurred, a ministry statement said, though it did not mention whether that included the Egyptians.

Authorities from Saudi Arabia reported giving more than 2,000 people treatment from heat stress but have yet to update the figure since the weekend. They have also not provided information on fatalities.

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