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Parking charges increase for electric vehicles

  • January 19, 2024
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Parking charges increase for electric vehicles

Parking charges for electric vehicles (EVs) could climb by as much as 1,800% in Central London according to plans under consideration by Westminster City Council. Opposition councillors warned that the proposed charges, which include CO2 emissions-based costs, “could potentially have a disproportionate impact upon disabled people and people on low incomes.”
The council had “invested heavily” in EVs according to Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet member for City Management and Air Quality, and the new charges would keep costs “fair, proportionate, and as low as possible.”
Currently, the cost to park EVs and plug-in-hybrid cars are “currently extremely low as to be virtually nominal.” The new scheme sees tiered costs based on factors including CO2 emissions and the zone parked in. But it will also include new charges for EVs varying from £1.46 to £4.62 per hour for battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs). This is substantially more than the current hourly rate of 32p for up to four hours in the cheapest zones in the borough. The charges were proposed because, according to Cllr Cunnigham, “the use of EVs is increasing and this trend will only continue, thus rendering our current pay-to-park scheme’s charging structure unsustainable going forward. It is therefore felt that now is the time to introduce a fairer and more proportionate scheme”
However, the increased costs would reduce incentives to go green by switching to an electric car and could undermine efforts to reduce emissions and improve air quality. “We are concerned that the proposed fee increases could potentially have a disproportionate impact upon disabled people and people on low incomes,” Cllr Cunningham added.

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