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Planning permission reforms for short-term holiday lets

  • March 14, 2024
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Planning permission reforms for short-term holiday lets

Homeowners will need to get planning permission for future short-term rentals under government plans to prevent a “hollowing out” of communities. The proposed reforms in England would require homeowners get permission for short term lets such as Airbnb.

A new planning “use class” would be created for short-term lets that are not used as a sole or main home. In addition, a compulsory national register would be created to give local authorities information about short-term lets in the area.

There is no limit at the time of writing abut the number of days a property can be let on a short-term basis in England. The exception is in London where homeowners need permission for short-term lets of over 90 days a year.

The changes are expected to come in as early as this summer. They come following a government consultation on the proposed reforms in April 2023.

There has been a significant rise in the number off short-term lets in recent years. The BBC reports that the number had risen in England by 40% between 2018 and 2021. Hotspots include Scarborough, the Isle of White, North Devon, the Cotswolds, and Norfolk, who all saw “sharp increases.”

They can provide a range of benefits including income to local economies in the area as well as more choice in the area. But there are fears that residents are being “pushed out of their own communities.

“Families are being driven out of their communities by the disastrous loss of homes into holiday lets,” Generation Rent, a campaign group, points out, “with over 35,000 privately rented homes lost to Airbnb-style short-term lets since 2019.”

The government says that the proposed changes are part of a long-term plan to prevent “hollowing out” of communities. It also hopes to tackle anti-social behaviour and ensure that locals can continue to enjoy the communities they call home.

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