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Prime Minster Sunak Announces 4th July General Election

  • May 22, 2024
  • 2 min read
Prime Minster Sunak Announces 4th July General Election

Rishi Sunak has confirmed that a General Election will be held on, 4th July. The Prime Minster began his speech by saying that the last five years have been the most challenging for the UK since the second world war, adding that the country has fought through the challenges.

“For so many of us it easy to forget the scale of what we have been through,” said, citing the Covid-19 pandemic, “ear returning to Europe as Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine” and the impact these have had on people’s energy bills. “Economic stability is the bedrock of any success,” he adds.

The country’ economy is still growing and inflation has returned to normal he continued, adding that interest rates have come down and that the government’s plan is working, though he added that things are far from easy for many people.

He also mentioned the war in Ukraine, saying that it has threatened global security. “Migration is being weaponised by hostile states to threaten the integrity of our borders,” the prime minister continues. Times ahead are uncertain but Sunak insists that the government has a clear plan.

The general election will be the moment to decide the nation’s future, he said, to decide if you want to “build on the future you’ve made or risk going back to square one.”

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