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Rampaging brown bear in Slovak town shot after injuring five

  • March 29, 2024
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Rampaging brown bear in Slovak town shot after injuring five

A brown bear that injured five people in a rampage in Slovakia has been shot dead, the Environment Minister Tomas Taraba has said. Opposition politicians however fear that a different bear was shot and are asking for answers.

Video footage went viral after a brown bear was seen in the streets of Liptovsky Mikulas on, 17th March. Mr Taraba said that the animal was tracked down and killed following a 10-day hunt using drone as well as biometric technology.

The environment minister thanked those who were involved and ensured a successful operation. But opposition politicians have called on Mr Taraba to clarify what had happened, accusing the government of using the issue before a presidential election on, 6th April.

“I’m certain it’s not the same bear. It’s obvious,” said Michal Wiezik, an environmental campaigner and MEP from opposition party Progressive Slovakia, who had said that the bear did not pose a threat that should lead to breaking Slovakian and European law.

He told the BBC that both the ministry and State Natural Protection Authority had said that they were searching for a male bear that weighed 80 to 100kg. “But we now know what they killed was a female bear weighing 67.9kg and measuring 152cm – 30% smaller than the bear in Liptovsky Mikulas.”

He added that a passerby had found documents that were apparently lost by members of the hunt team, scattered by the roadside. The bear was caught on camera with multiple photos and videos going viral as it ran through the northern Slovak town earlier this month. One shows it swiping at a man on a pavement. A 10-year-old girl is among the five people injured with two going to hospital with scratches and gashes.

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