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Residents can help support rough sleepers

  • March 17, 2024
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Residents can help support rough sleepers

Kensington and Chelsea Council’s Lead Member for Housing, Cllr Sof McVeigh, is encouraging residents to play their part in supporting rough sleepers by making use of the StreetLink service. Members of the public who know someone who is sleeping rough can report them via the SteretLink website. IT will in tern alert local authorities and charities alike who can offer any help and support.

The call comes after Cllr McVeigh joined one of the council’s outreach teams which patrols the borough in all weather conditions to find and support anyone sleeping rough. The patrols are part of a “wide package” of support provided to anyone sleeping on the streets. It also includes a dual diagnosis service which delivers personalised support plans comprising services including counselling, group therapy, detox, and rehab.

“While we do not have many rough sleepers in our borough,” Cllr McVeigh said, “it was humbling seeing how kind and patient our outreach team were with those we did come across. I was also struck by the complexity of each individual situation and how no two people face the same challenges. That is why we work closely with partners such as St Mungo’s, the police and neighbouring boroughs not just to support rough sleepers off the streets, but to help them address issues with mental health or addiction. We can only provide that assistance if we know where and when there is someone in need and our residents can play a vital role by linking us with rough sleepers via Street Link.”

To make an alert to StreetLink, visit the organisation’s website.

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