Residents of K&C hail fairer housing allocations scheme

  • May 12, 2023
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Residents of K&C hail fairer housing allocations scheme

Residents of K&C have expressed their support for plans for a new, fairer housing allocation scheme that will give them certainty about their place on the borough’s housing register. The new program was created in collaboration with locals to better inform them of the significant demands placed on the borough’s extremely small supply of socially accessible housing.

Demand among residents of K&C has grown significantly in recent years as a result of the national housing crisis, and there is a particularly high demand in Kensington and Chelsea when compared to the available homes. On the Council’s housing register (waiting list), there are currently 3,181 households, 2,134 of which are living in temporary housing, and 75% of them are located outside of the borough. Only 409 social homes became available in 2021–2022 for those on the housing register.

In addition to the 11,664 homes that registered social providers are responsible for managing in the borough, the Council owns 7,025 of them. The Council has committed to constructing 300 more social housing units. It was decided to introduce the new allocations policy before the summer at the leadership team meeting.

To help shape the proposals, tenants of Council housing were consulted as part of the new policy’s development in January 2021. A more official three-month consultation for all residents took place as a result, lasting from December 2021 to February 2022.

By using a banding system, which will enable people to know exactly where they stand on the housing waiting list and how long it will probably take to be rehoused, the entire system promises to become more transparent.

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