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Riding the Digital Wave in Classical Music: Podcasts, Streaming, and More

  • November 25, 2023
  • 2 min read
Riding the Digital Wave in Classical Music: Podcasts, Streaming, and More

Classical music is no stranger to change, and today, it’s riding the digital wave. Conductors like David Hill are right there, steering the genre into a new era. Let’s dive into how technology is reshaping classical music, with a focus on Hill’s contributions, and find practical ways for enthusiasts to explore this evolving landscape.

Hill, director of The Bach Choir, is making waves with the “Change Your Tune” podcast series. Accessible on The Bach Choir’s website, it’s not your typical classical music talk (The Bach Choir Podcasts). Hill chats with figures outside the classical bubble, discussing Verdi’s Dies Irae with Hollywood composer Harry Gregson-Williams and breaking down Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with Love Ssega. It’s a refreshing take that opens classical music to a broader audience.

Looking beyond The Bach Choir, other classical music heavyweights are embracing podcasts. The “Classical Classroom” podcast is a gem for those eager to learn Classical Classroom. It simplifies complex compositions, making classical music accessible and enjoyable.

Streaming has become the go-to for enjoying classical music. Platforms like Idagio and Qobuz are tailored exclusively for classical music lovers, offering curated playlists and an extensive catalog.

Live streaming takes it up a notch, making classical performances accessible worldwide. The Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall’s Live with Carnegie Hall bring renowned orchestras to screens globally.

As classical music embraces technology, there are exciting opportunities for enthusiasts. Podcast sponsorships, streaming partnerships, and virtual concert tickets offer ways to support the genre in a digital age.

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