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Sign up to be a Wandsworth Air Quality Ambassador

  • February 15, 2024
  • 1 min read
Sign up to be a Wandsworth Air Quality Ambassador

The programme hopes to support residents and community groups that want to start to monitor and understand air quality in their areas, share information so people can understand and relate to the issues, and get information to the most vulnerable about the impact of air pollution and how this can be mitigated.

It will also hold events and campaigns and allow ambassadors to organise their own with council support. Ambassadors will also be able to identify areas of concern for signage, banners and interventions. The council is also inviting challenges and scrutinisation of its Air Quality Action Plan so that it is robust and making changes to improve it, and help ensure the plan moves with the changes in technology and understanding of local air pollution.

Wandsworth published an ambitious Air Quality Action Plan in September 2023 that was based on the recommendations of the Wandsworth Citizens Assembly on Air Quality – a group of 50 randomly-chosen local people set up as part as part of the council’s commitment to use innovative ways to enable local people to set the tone and direction around responses to crucial borough-wide issues.

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