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Street Life & The Art of Living

  • July 31, 2023
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Street Life & The Art of Living

By Lucky Lawler, NY corespondent

Jesse Landon

Come With Jesse “Hop On”

Jesse Landon takes us on a ride!.. oh, I mean on a bus…

So this artist, who comes from musically beautiful people and grew up in the middle of big sky America with nothing but Jesus and horizons as a child, is transplanted to big city life and loving it.

Working out of his NYC studio, (where I lived once co-incidentally,) on Bedford St NYC, he produced rather, I thought at the time, Dan Flavin kinda neon tubes in the center of  horizontal spaces, now I realize, they represent the horizons of his youth, where he grew up.

But on this evening he took us on his “Ride with Jesse” trip in a magic bus, oh ok a party bus, to some “unknown” location, where he had been setting up his visionary art happening, it happened to be outside the Gagosian Gallery, where he and I had spent time, a few days before, admiring the Richard Avedon exhibition. Jesse saw the blank wall across the road and came up with this surprise.

We got on the bus outside The Seventh House with about 25 other followers of Jesse Landon.

We were greeted with bubbly and DJ music and after me and my companions, photographer Robert Butcher & Kristina, had our proverbial cigarette, we were on our way!

Cheers Mate!

We arrive at the location- the big brick wall opposite the Gagosian in Chelsea.

We descended the bus to be greeted by Jesse Landon’s vision:

A triptych of backlit pieces – of very still clouds- if you watched with patience they gently moved and an antique airplane would fly across the screen and back again on the next screen – not necessarily in sequence…

I encourage a beautiful girl that was part of his entourage to cross the road and walk along, with, and past the the visions of Jesse Landon’s clouds above.

Fabulous Darling, Work it Darling, and they did, as I did, everybody lifted their phone and before you knew it a parade of beautiful people inJesse Landon’s entourage, walked, posed, ran, looked this way and that, and it was phone camera’d to death by the whole entourage…

Then the magic bus whisks us away back to Mad Ave…

Love you Jesse Landon- you got something cooking there!!

Well, in the aftermath, what I realize is

I feel that these small snippets of clouds are what Jesse Landon sees when he comes to the city.

Opposed to where he grew up – eg. huge landscapes of fields and sky that meet with huge horizons, his observations of the city are these moments of sky, snippets we see amongst the tall skyscrapers between the buildings, surprising perhaps to a chap who is used to massive expanses of land…

Personally for me I come from the opposite, I am born and raised in the big concrete city of London England and having travelled huge chunks of America and driven through “Big Sky America” where Jesse Landon comes from- I get it, I see through his eyes… I see… I see… I see…

Lucky Lawler 2023

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