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Surfing at the Paris Olympics to be in Tahiti

  • March 16, 2024
  • 2 min read
Surfing at the Paris Olympics to be in Tahiti

Paris 2024 will kick off later this year, promising to “take celebrations to new heights” as it treats audiences “to breath-taking sports” in the spirit of the games since their inception. Several new sports will be added to the Olympics, among them, surfing, with hand-picked spots and venues to match them.

For its second appearance at the Olympics, after Tokyo 2021, surfing will take place in a setting “worthy of this event” as the Teahupo’o wave in Tahiti, on the other side of the planet to the rest of the competition, will host the event.

The decision to stage the surging competitions there coincide with Paris 2024’s goal of spreading the competition across France, offering a unique opportunity to engage with French overseas territories and their communities for the first time ever. It also hopes to showcase France’s rich and diverse heritage.  

The waves of Teahupo’o will no doubt give an Olympic-level challenge for the competitors, treating fans in Tahiti and around the globe to a wonderful experience. It has already been the stage for the Pro Tahiti world championship event for over two decades and is among the many highlights on the Men’s Championship Tour, making it a “dream spot for many leading surfers” that few have been lucky enough to conquer. Between 1999 and 2006 it was also part of the Women’s circuit, making its return in August 2022.

The venue has also been designed to protect the island’s unique natural environment. It will not effect the coastline because the waves break offshore. Fans will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds at the live sights while celebrating the Polynesian culture along with the Olympic spirit.

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