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Survey asks what schools want from a new government

  • June 3, 2024
  • 2 min read
Survey asks what schools want from a new government

Primary senior leaders are most concerned about funding ahead of the general election on, 4th July, a survey has found. Secondary leaders on the other hand are mainly worried about teacher recruitment and retention. In a survey by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), 85% of primary school leaders cited school funding as one of  the three most important issues that guide them on which candidate to support at the election.

Meanwhile, 68% of secondary senior leaders, 81% of primary classroom teachers, and 75% of secondary teachers cited funding as their main priority. Secondary leaders were also more likely to want the government to prioritise recruitment and retention.

Another crucial issue for teachers was to reform Ofsted and the accountability system. Nearly two in three primary senior leaders listed this as an important issue for them when it comes time to vote, along with over half of primary teachers.

NFER chief executive Carole Willis called on all political parties to prioritises spending pledges on the education system and unions have called on the next government to fix the multiple “systemic crises” in education. Teacher and leader pay has also been called for along with funding.

The NFER’s survey involved 1,282 respondents in March 2024. This included 398 senior leaders and 884 classroom teachers.

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