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Sweden agrees defence contract with Marshall

  • May 24, 2024
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Sweden agrees defence contract with Marshall

Less than three months after joining NATO, Sweden has agreed a defence contract with UK engineering firm Marshall. The agreement is worth over £100 million. Marshall, based in Cambridge, will design and produce  “command and control” shelters, “modular workspaces,” and “ancillary equipment.”

The company confirmed that it has secured a contract to manufacture the equipment for the Swedish Defence Material Administration, a government agency under the Ministry of Defence Umbrella in Sweden. Production would be divided across facilities in both the UK and Canada, according to the company.  

“Having formally joined Nato in March, Sweden is embarking on a rapid digital defence modernisation programme to support integration with alliance partners and enhance the overall readiness of its full-time and reserve forces,” Marshall said in a statement.

“Marshall’s highly manoeuvrable and rapidly deployable systems will transform the operational resilience and survivability of the Swedish Armed Forces’ critical infrastructure in open, littoral and urban operations.

“Over the next four years, with the option to extend a further three thereafter, Marshall will deliver up to 500 shelters as well a range of ancillary equipment including power units, battery boxes and mast trailers.”

Chief growth officer for Marshall, Bob Baxter, said that the contract would play to the firm’s “engineering strengths.”

“We are proud to be part of Sweden’s next phase of investment in the readiness of its armed forces as it seeks to integrate into Nato,” he added, “providing welcome stability in the challenging geopolitical climate.”

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