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The benefits of giving your body an ‘MOT’

  • August 9, 2022
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The benefits of giving your body an ‘MOT’

Many countries have some sort of inspection for cars. The UK’s MOT, Germany’s TÜV, and Ireland’s NCT to name a few, all ensure that every vehicle is safe to use on the road. They help give the owner peace of mind, allowing them to spot issues early before they cause problems down the road.

Yet, how many of us have think of getting an MOT for our body? It can provide all the same benefits as it does for cars as well as a number of others.

One of the most obvious is to do with cancer. Early detection can prevent malignant tissue from spreading in the body, and the sooner it’s diagnosed, the more effective the treatment can be. Survival rates, according to Cancer Research UK, of bowel, breast, ovarian, prostate and lung cancer are massively improved with early diagnosis. Simple, non-invasive tests can prove life saving.

Heart conditions are often undiagnosed until symptoms appear. These include chest pains and breathlessness. An ECG can detect electrical conductivity issues, or vessel blockages early, and medication or lifestyle changes can be prescribed with the aim of preventing the progression of heart disease and stopping potential heart attacks in the future.

It’s not just life-threatening illnesses that can be prevented. Having a regular health MOT can also help with underlying conditions that affect a person’s day-to-day life. These can include thyroid functions, hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies, and blood sugar levels.

You can also identify how and if your lifestyle is affecting your health, and work towards improving your wellbeing. This can include dietary changes, an exercise regime, stress management, or work to stop smoking.

There could also be other factors affecting your health and a random visit to the GP might not result in the detection of underlying health problems. A full check-up can investigate your family history and detect if you are at risk of inheriting a condition, which may appear later in life. By knowing the risk, you can discover a solution to mitigate the problem. Diabetes, heart failure and hypertension are among the conditions that are hereditary, and lifestyle changes can help to alleviate the risks they pose.

Health screening is given on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that your individual factors are taken into consideration when deciding which tests are to be carried out. It helps to ensure that diagnostics are targeted to each individual.

This means that you won’t be given a test such as an endoscopy or an x-ray unless it is necessary. Not everyone will need every kind of test. Age, gender, family history and lifestyle need to be considered over the risk of certain diseases, so it’s important that any screening is targeted to the individual.

Getting an MOT test for your body can offer peace of mind and allow you to work towards a healthier future. 

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