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The River, opens July 26 at the Natural History Museum

  • July 10, 2024
  • 2 min read
The River, opens July 26 at the Natural History Museum

Dive deep into the depths of the River Thames in a “unique” audio installation created by sound artist Jana Windern at the Natural History Museum. If you’ve ever wondered what lies underneath the surface of the River Thames, then you’ll want to visit this event.

The River will explore the beauty as well as importance of underwater sound and how noises created by humans are contributing to sound pollution in the planet’s waters. This promises to be a captivating art installation from the sound artist Jana Windern who collaborated with sound specialist Tony Myatt.

This is a purely sound-based artwork so have a seat on the beanbags and benches and let the sounds wash over you, immersing you in the audio experience. Listen to the watery depths of the River Thames, featuring captivating recordings from an underwater habitat that few get the chance to experience. There, you will discover both the beauty and importance that underwater sound has and explore how human-made noises are contributing to sound pollution around the planet.

“Sound plays a crucial role in underwater ecosystems, enabling animals to communicate, breed and migrate,” the Natural History Museum says. “In this installation, listen out for the diverse sounds of mammals, fish, insects and crustaceans living in the River Thames, alongside human-made noises found from source through the bustling city and into the sprawling estuary. These sounds highlight how noise pollution is affecting how aquatic life interacts and communicates.”

The River is free to visit and is the first time this installation is being displayed.

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