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UK could pay “failed” asylum seekers to move to Rwanda

  • March 16, 2024
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UK could pay “failed” asylum seekers to move to Rwanda

“Failed” asylum seekers could be offered up to £3,000 to move to Rwanda as part of a voluntary new scheme. The plan, first reported by The Times, is believed to be a variation of the existing voluntary returns scheme. Under it, asylum seekers whose claims fail could be given cash to return to their home country.

It will be offered to anyone whose claim has been rejected by the government It is particularly aimed at those who cannot return to their home country. The government also hopes to implement a separate scheme through which people deemed to have arrived illegally would be deported to Rwanda. That plan was blocked by courts as concerns were raised about safety in Rwanda.

To overcome this obstacle, the government is trying to introduce the Safety of Rwanda Bill that would deem the African nation safe. The BBC reported that unlike that scheme, this new arrangement would be voluntary and not require a bill being approved by parliament.

“We are exploring voluntary relocations for those who have no right to be here to Rwanda, who stand ready to accept people who wish to rebuild their lives and cannot stay in the UK,” the government said.

Thos who choose to be relocated would be allowed to legally work there unlike in the UK. They could also be given additional support upon their arrival. The scheme would also be offered up to those with no right to remain in the UK including foreign criminals. There is no date set for the first relocation nor any figure on how many people could choose to take part.

Official statistics report that 19,253 people were voluntarily removed from the UK last year, of which 3,319 were given either a “reintegration package” or flights paid by the Home Office. This is the highest number in over a decade.

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