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Vehicles can be sent to Ukraine through scrappage scheme

  • March 13, 2024
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Vehicles can be sent to Ukraine through scrappage scheme

From Friday, 15th March, applicants to the ULEZ scrappage scheme funded by the Mayor of London will have the option to receive a scrappage grant and donate their non-ULEZ compliant vehicle to support humanitarian and medical needs in Ukraine. This would be done in lieu of scrapping or retrofitting it to make it compliant.

Last month the mayor asked TfL to explore how the scheme could be used to encourage vehicle donations and TfL has confirmed that charity British-Ukraine Aid (BUA) as an “appropriate intermediary” to roll out the new scheme. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) has also said that it plans to join efforts as it donates 50 decommissioned ambulances to Ukraine. It has agreements in place with TfL to ensure that its ambulances are not charged to drive in the ULEZ, though it has plans to steadily decommission non-compliant vehicles.

Ukraine’s infrastructure has been significantly damaged by the conflict and access to healthcare has been severely impacted in many areas. Donating vehicles to the country’s authorities and their partners would provide logistical assistance as Russia’s invasion continues.

TfL has put arrangements in place with BUA to facilitate the donations of the vehicles to the country, provide the relevant documentation for customers to receive their scrappage grant and report on the number of vehicles donated in this way. A range of non-ULEZ compliant vehicles can be donated subject to need and suitability assessed by BUA.

Applicants to the “landmark scheme” from Friday, 15th March, will receive the same grant payments available to those who choose to scrap their vehicles.

“As the devastating consequences of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine continue,” The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said, “the country’s infrastructure has been significantly impacted. I have worked quickly to amend our scrappage scheme so that from next week, non-compliant vehicles can be donated to Ukraine, helping to meet medical and humanitarian needs while also removing old, polluting vehicles from London’s roads. There is still plenty of money left in the scrappage fund and I encourage anyone applying to consider donating their vehicle to this cause.”

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