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Venezuelan youtuber held “over terrorism allegations”

  • April 2, 2024
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Venezuelan youtuber held “over terrorism allegations”

Oscar Alejandro Pérez, a Venezuelan youtuber who uploads travel videos has been arrested at Caracas International Airport. His family has said that he was held over allegations of “terrorist activities.” They say that he was travelling to the south of Venezuela to visit Canaima national park.

Human rights activists and political advocates in the country have previously been accused of “terrorism” by the authorities but the arrest of aa travel youtuber is unusual. According to his family, Mr Perez was scheduled to appear in court and they hope to find out more about why he has been detained.

The youtuber is primarily based in Miami in the US but travelled to Venezuela. He has around two million followers on the platform. His content is primarily about travel and includes reviews of the tour at the stadium where Inter Miami, the football team that Lionel Messi recently signed for, plays. He also covers the best neighbourhoods in Miami to live in. Recently, Mr Perez travelled to Nicaragua. Its government is a close ally of Venezuela’s.

His family say that his arrest was at Maiquetía international airport outside Caracas where he was planning to fly to Canaima, the national park that is home to the Angel Falls waterfall.

A number of Venezuelans have been arrested under allegations of planning to destabilise the country. They include two top aides of María Corina Machado, the opposition leader. In the build up to the July presidential elections, tensions have risen.

President Nicolás Maduro is running for a third consecutive term. The previous election in 2016 was dismissed by many as being neither free nor fair and Ms Machado has accused Mr Maduro of trying to handpick his opponent in the next election. She has been barred from running for political office and her replacement has been blocked from registering as a candidate.

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