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EyeOnLondon’s Guide to the Election Today

  • July 4, 2024
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EyeOnLondon’s Guide to the Election Today

EyeOnLondon’s Voters Guide to the London General Election Candidates 2024 – Full List for Every MP Seat

Hello EyeOnLondoners! The big day is here – the General Election is happening today, and voters across London’s 73 constituencies will be heading to the polls. Whether you’re a seasoned voter or a first-timer, we’ve got you covered with a full list of candidates standing in your area.

Important Election Day Details:

Voting Hours: Polls are open from 7am to 10pm today.
What’s at Stake: This is the first General Election since the Conservative landslide in 2019, and some seats in the capital are seeing as many as 12 candidates vying for your vote.


  • Green: Simon Anthony
  • Workers Party of Britain: Muhammad Asim
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Lucy Baiye-Gaman
  • Labour: Nesil Caliskan
  • Independent: Dee Dias
  • Liberal Democrat: Charley Hasted
  • Reform UK: Clive Peacock
  • Conservative: Julie Redmond


  • Rejoin EU: Georgina Burford-Connole
  • Liberal Democrat: Francis Chubb
  • Labour: Marsha de Cordova
  • Social Democratic Party: Ed Dampier
  • Reform UK: Barry Edwards
  • Conservative: Tom Pridham
  • Workers Party of Britain: Daniel Smith
  • Green: Joe Taylor
  • Independent: Jake Thomas

Beckenham & Penge

  • Reform UK: Edward Apostolides
  • Labour: Liam Conlon
  • Green: Ruth Fabricant
  • Conservative: Hannah Gray
  • Liberal Democrat: Chloe-Jane Ross

Bermondsey and Old Southwark

  • Liberal Democrat: Rachel Bentley
  • Independent: Piers Corbyn
  • Labour: Neil Coyle
  • Independent: Barry Duckett
  • Green: Susan Hunter
  • Conservative: Jonathan Iliff
  • Independent: Niko Omilana
  • Reform UK: Tony Sharp

Bethnal Green and Stepney

  • Independent: Reggie Adams
  • Independent: Md Somon Ahmed
  • Labour: Rushanara Ali
  • Green: Phoebe Gill
  • Animal Welfare Party: Vanessa Hudson
  • Liberal Democrat: Rabina Khan
  • Social Democratic Party: Jon Mabbutt
  • Independent: Ajmal Masroor
  • Conservative: Oscar Reaney
  • Reform UK: Peter Sceats
  • Independent: Sham Uddin

Bexleyheath and Crayford

  • Reform UK: Tom Bright
  • Conservative: Mark Brooks
  • Green: George Edgar
  • Labour: Daniel Francis
  • Liberal Democrat: David McBride

Brent East

  • Green: Nida Alfulaij
  • Labour: Dawn Butler
  • Independent: Jenner Folwell
  • Reform UK: Zbigniew Kowalczyk
  • Independent: Amin Moafi
  • Workers Party of Britain: James Mutimer
  • Conservative: Jamila Robertson
  • Independent: Aadil Shaikh
  • Liberal Democrat: Jonny Singh

Brent West

  • Reform UK: Ian Collier
  • Green: Bastôn De’Medici-Jaguar
  • Labour: Barry Gardiner
  • Workers Party of Britain: Nadia Klok
  • Liberal Democrat: Paul Lorber
  • Conservative: Sushil Rapatwar

Brentford and Isleworth

  • Conservative: Laura Blumenthal
  • Labour: Ruth Cadbury
  • Reform UK: David Kerr
  • Workers Party of Britain: Nisar Malik
  • Independent: Zebunisa Rao
  • Liberal Democrat: Kuldev Sehra
  • Green: Freya Summersgill

Bromley and Biggin Hill

  • Reform UK: Alan Cook
  • Conservative: Peter Fortune
  • Liberal Democrat: Julie Ireland
  • Climate Party: Karen Miller
  • Labour: Oana Olaru-Holmes
  • Green: Caroline Sandes

Carshalton and Wallington

  • Conservative Party: Elliot Colburn
  • Labour: Hersh Thaker
  • Reform UK: Elizabeth Cooper
  • Liberal Democrats: Bobby Dean
  • Green: Tracey Hague
  • Social Democratic Party: Steve Kelleher
  • Workers Party of Britain: Atif Abdul Rashid

Chelsea and Fulham

  • Liberal Democrat: Blaise Baquiche
  • Labour: Ben Coleman
  • Green: Mona Crocker
  • Reform UK: Anthony Goodwin
  • Conservative: Greg Hands
  • Workers Party of Britain: Sabi Patwary
  • Heritage Party: David Poulden

Chingford and Woodford Green

  • Green: Chris Brody
  • Conservative: Iain Duncan Smith
  • Liberal Democrat: Josh Hadley
  • Reform UK: Paul Luggeri
  • Independent: Faiza Shaheen
  • Labour: Shama Tatler

Chipping Barnet

  • Liberal Democrat: Mark Durrant
  • Green: David Farbey
  • Reform UK: Hamish Haddow
  • Rejoin EU: Richard Hewison
  • Independent: Kay Lauer
  • Labour: Dan Tomlinson
  • Conservative: Theresa Villiers

Cities of London and Westminster

  • Conservative: Tim Barnes
  • Labour: Rachel Blake
  • Liberal Democrats: Edward Lucas
  • Green Party: Rajiv Rahul Sinha
  • Reform UK: Tarun Ghulati
  • Rejoin EU: Liz Burford
  • Social Democratic Party: Huge De Burgh
  • Workers Party of Britain: Hoz Shafiei
  • Independent: Mathew Carr
  • Independent: John Generic
  • Independent: Tim Hallett

Clapham and Brixton Hill

  • Liberal Democrat: Ben Curtis
  • Independent: Jon Key
  • Socialist Party of Great Britain: Bill Martin
  • Reform UK: Mark Matlock
  • Labour: Bell Ribeiro-Addy
  • Conservative: Asha Saroy
  • Green: Shâo-Lan Yuen

Croydon East

  • Conservative: Jason Cummings
  • Reform UK: Scott Holman
  • Labour: Natasha Irons
  • Liberal Democrat: Andrew Pelling
  • Green: Peter Underwood

Croydon South

  • Reform UK: Bob Bromley
  • Green: Elaine Garrod
  • Liberal Democrat: Richard Howard
  • Workers Party of Britain: Kulsum Hussin
  • Conservative: Chris Philp
  • Independent: Mark Samuel
  • Labour: Ben Taylor

Croydon West

  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: April Ashley
  • Conservative: Simon Fox
  • Liberal Democrat: Jahir Hussain
  • Labour: Sarah Jones
  • Reform UK: Vinayak Malhotra
  • Taking The Initiative Party: Donna Murray-Turner
  • Green: Ria Patel
  • Workers Party of Britain: Ahsan Ullah

Dagenham and Rainham

  • Green: Kim Arrowsmith
  • Reform UK: Kevin Godfrey
  • Conservative: Sam Holland
  • Independent: Terence London
  • Labour: Margaret Mullane
  • Liberal Democrat: Francesca Rose

Dulwich and West Norwood

  • Conservative: Leon Cook
  • Green: Pete Elliott
  • Liberal Democrat: Donna Harris
  • Labour: Helen Hayes
  • Independent: Mike Spenser
  • Reform UK: Gary Stevens

Ealing Central and Acton

  • Social Democratic Party: Stephen Balogh
  • Independent: Julie Carter
  • Green: Kate Crossland
  • Labour: Rupa Huq
  • Workers Party of Britain: Nada Jarche
  • Liberal Democrat: Alastair Mitton
  • Reform UK: Felix Orrell
  • Conservative: James Windsor-Clive

Ealing North

  • Independent: Helmi Alharahsheh
  • Social Democratic Party: Les Beaumont
  • Workers Party of Britain: Sameh Habeeb
  • Reform UK: Leon Harris
  • Conservative: Maria Khan
  • Green: Natalia Kubica
  • Labour: James Murray
  • Liberal Democrat: Craig O’Donnell

Ealing Southall

  • Workers Party of Britain: Darshan Azad
  • Independent: Sangeet Bhail
  • Independent: Joe Bhangu
  • Conservative: Georgie Callé
  • Reform UK: Steve Chilcott
  • Labour: Deirdre Costigan
  • Independent: Pedro Da Conceicao
  • Liberal Democrat: Tariq Mahmood
  • Independent: Niko Omilana
  • Green: Neil Reynolds
  • Independent: Jaginder Singh
  • Rejoin EU: Peter Ward

East Ham

  • Liberal Democrat: Hillary Briffa
  • Conservative: Maria Higson
  • Independent: Tahir Mirza
  • Reform UK: Daniel Oxley
  • Green: Rosie Pearce
  • Independent: Sathish Ramadoss
  • Independent: Anand Sundar
  • Labour: Stephen Timms

Edmonton and Winchmore Hill

  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Yemi Awolola
  • Green: Luke Balnave
  • Workers Party of Britain: Denise Headley
  • Conservative: Zoe Huggins
  • Liberal Democrat: Tim Martin
  • Labour: Kate Osamor
  • Independent: Khalid Sadur
  • Reform UK: Neville Watson

Eltham and Chislehurst

  • Liberal Democrat: Ulysse Abbate
  • Independent: John Courtneidge
  • Conservative: Charlie Davis
  • Labour: Clive Efford
  • Green: Sam Gabriel
  • Independent: Christian Hacking
  • Reform UK: Mark Simpson
  • Workers Party of Britain: Sean Stewart
  • Independent: Arnold Tarling

Enfield North

  • Workers Party of Britain: Aishat Anifowoshe
  • Reform UK: Stephen Bird
  • Labour: Feryal Clark
  • Conservative: Chris Dey
  • Independent: Ertan Karpazli
  • Liberal Democrat: Guy Russo
  • Green: Isobel Whittaker

Erith and Thamesmead

  • Green: Sarah Barry
  • Liberal Democrat: Pierce Chalmers
  • Independent: Diana Diamond
  • Conservative: Richard Mark
  • Labour: Abena Oppong-Asare
  • Reform UK: Michael Pastor
  • Workers Party of Britain: Mohammed Shahed

Feltham and Heston

  • Independent: Ian Brown
  • Independent: Aysha Choudhury
  • Conservative: Reva Gudi
  • Green: Katharine Kandelaki
  • Labour: Seema Malhotra
  • Workers Party of Britain: Amritpal Mann
  • Independent: Damian Read
  • Liberal Democrat: Dhruv Sengupta
  • Reform UK: Prabhdeep Singh
  • Independent: Abdul Tramboo

Finchley and Golders Green

  • Conservative: Alex Deane
  • Rejoin EU: Brendan Donnelly
  • Liberal Democrat: Sarah Hoyle
  • Party of Women: Katharine Murphy
  • Green: Steve Parsons
  • Reform UK: Bepi Pezzulli
  • Labour: Sarah Sackman
  • Independent: Michael Shad

Greenwich and Woolwich

  • Liberal Democrat: Chris Annous
  • Climate Party: Priyank Bakshi
  • Conservative: Jonathan Goff
  • Reform UK: Abdoul Ndiaye
  • Independent: Niko Omilana
  • Labour: Matthew Pennycook
  • Workers Party of Britain: Sheikh Raquib
  • Green: Stacy Smith

Hackney North and Stoke Newington

  • Labour: Diane Abbott
  • Independent: Ryan Ahmad
  • Reform UK: Deborah Cairns
  • Independent: Kombat Diva
  • Green: Antoinette Fernandez
  • Liberal Democrat: Rebecca Jones
  • Monster Raving Loony Party: Knigel Knapp
  • Conservative: David Landau

Hackney South and Shoreditch

  • Reform UK: Anil Bhatti
  • Green: Laura-Louise Fairley
  • Labour: Meg Hillier
  • Workers Party of Britain: Shahed Hussain
  • Conservative: Joanna Reeves
  • Liberal Democrat: Theo Roos
  • Workers Revolutionary Party: Carol Small

Hammersmith and Chiswick

  • Rejoin EU: Bill Colegrave
  • Conservative: Andrew Dinsmore
  • Workers Revolutionary Party: Scott Dore
  • Workers Party of Britain: Raj Gill
  • Reform UK: Louise Petano-Heathcote
  • Liberal Democrat: Eraj Rostaqi
  • Green: Naranee Ruthra-Rajan
  • Labour: Andy Slaughter

Hampstead and Highgate

  • Reform UK: Catherine Becker
  • Rejoin EU: Christie Elan-Cane
  • Liberal Democrat: Scott Emery
  • Independent: Jonathan Livingstone
  • Green: Lorna Russell
  • Labour: Tulip Siddiq
  • Conservative: Don Williams

Harrow East

  • Liberal Democrat: Reeten Banerji
  • Conservative: Bob Blackman
  • Reform UK: Roger Clark
  • Independent: Sabira Lakha
  • Green: Seb Newsam
  • Workers Party of Britain: Sarajulhaq Parwani
  • Labour: Primesh Patel

Harrow West

  • Reform UK: Michael Beavis
  • Independent: Pamela Fitzpatrick
  • Green: Rupert George
  • Conservative: Abbas Merali
  • Liberal Democrat: Chris Noyce
  • Independent: Bharatkumar Patel
  • Labour: Gareth Thomas

Hayes and Harlington

  • Liberal Democrat: Alex Cunliffe
  • Workers Party of Britain: Rizwana Karim
  • Labour: John McDonnell
  • Conservative: Dylan Thomas
  • Reform UK: Francoise Thompson
  • Green: Christine West


  • Green: Gabrielle Bailey
  • Liberal Democrat: Clareine Enderby
  • Social Democratic Party: Jane Gibson
  • Conservative: Ameet Jogia
  • Workers Party of Britain: Imtiaz Palekar
  • Reform UK: Joshua Pearl
  • Labour: David Pinto-Duschinsky
  • Rejoin EU: Ben Rend

Holborn and St Pancras

  • Monster Raving Loony Party: Nick the Incredible Flying Brick
  • Liberal Democrat: Charlie Clinton
  • Independent: Andrew Feinstein
  • Independent: Wais Islam
  • Independent: Senthil Kumar
  • Conservative: Mehreen Malik
  • UK Independence Party: John Poynton
  • Reform UK: David Roberts
  • Socialist Equality: Tom Scripps
  • Independent: Bobby Smith
  • Green: David Stansell
  • Labour: Keir Starmer

Hornchurch and Upminster

  • Labour: Sunny Brar
  • Green: Melanie Collins
  • Independent: David Durant
  • Conservative: Julia Lopez
  • Reform UK: Nick Palmer
  • Liberal Democrat: Ian Sanderson

Hornsey and Friern Barnet

  • Liberal Democrat: Dawn Barnes
  • Conservative: Naz Panju
  • Workers Party of Britain: Dino Philippos
  • Reform UK: Navdeep Singh
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Helen Spiby-Vann
  • Green: Fabio Vollono
  • Labour: Catherine West

Ilford North

  • Green: Rachel Collinson
  • Liberal Democrat: Fraser Coppin
  • Independent: Leanne Mohamad
  • Conservative: Kaz Rizvi
  • Labour: Wes Streeting
  • Reform UK: Alex Wilson

Ilford South

  • Labour: Jas Athwal
  • Independent: Noor Begum
  • Liberal Democrat: Richard Clare
  • Reform UK: Raj Forhad
  • Green: Syed Siddiqi
  • Conservative: Sayeed Syduzzaman
  • Workers Party of Britain: Golam Tipu
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Andy Walker

Islington North

  • Liberal Democrat: Vikas Aggarwal
  • Independent: Jeremy Corbyn
  • Conservative: Karen Harries
  • Independent: Paul Josling
  • Green: Sheridan Kates
  • Labour: Praful Nargund
  • Reform UK: Martyn Nelson

Islington South and Finsbury

  • Reform UK: Max Nelson
  • Social Democratic Party: Jake Painter
  • Independent: Andrew Parry
  • Green: Carne Ross
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Ethan Saunders
  • Conservative: Imogen Sinclair
  • Liberal Democrat: Terry Stacy
  • Labour: Emily Thornberry
  • Party of Women: Lesley Woodburn

Kensington and Bayswater

  • Green: Mona Adam
  • Conservative: Felicity Buchan
  • Reform UK: Marc Burca
  • Independent: Emma Dent Coad
  • Liberal Democrat: William Houngbo
  • Party of Women: Una O’Mahony
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Roger Phillips
  • Labour: Joe Powell
  • Independent: Emperor of India Prince Ankit Love
  • Rejoin EU: John Stevens

Kingston and Surbiton

  • Workers Party of Britain: Ali Abdulla
  • Monster Raving Loony Party: A. Gent Chinners
  • Green: Debojyoti Das
  • Liberal Democrat: Ed Davey
  • Conservative: Helen Edward
  • Reform UK: Mark Fox
  • Labour: Eunice O’Dame
  • Kingston Independent Residents Group: Yvonne Tracey

Lewisham East

  • Conservative: Louise Brice
  • Labour: Janet Daby
  • Shared Ground: Richard Galloway
  • Reform UK: Ruth Handyside
  • Green: Mike Herron
  • Workers Party of Britain: Steph Koffi
  • Liberal Democrat: Callum Littlemore
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Maureen Martin

Lewisham North

  • Workers Party of Britain: Mian Akbar
  • Liberal Democrat: Jean Branch
  • Labour: Vicky Foxcroft
  • Alliance for Green Socialism: John Lloyd
  • Conservative: Nupur Majumdar
  • Reform UK: Edward Powell
  • Green: Adam Pugh
  • Communist Party of Britain: Oliver Snelling
  • Independent: Julia Tilford

Lewisham West and East Dulwich

  • Green: Callum Fowler
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Katherine Hortense
  • Liberal Democrat: Josh Matthews
  • Reform UK: Marian Newton
  • Labour: Ellie Reeves
  • Workers Party of Britain: Gwenton Sloley
  • Conservative: Christine Wallace

Leyton and Wanstead

  • Workers Party of Britain: Mahtab Aziz
  • Labour: Calvin Bailey
  • Rejoin EU: Simon Bezer
  • Liberal Democrat: Tara Copeland
  • Conservative: Gloria Croxall
  • Independent: Shanell Johnson
  • Green: Charlotte Lafferty
  • Reform UK: David Sandground

Mitcham and Morden

  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Desmond Coke
  • Conservative: Ellie Cox
  • Liberal Democrat: Jenifer Gould
  • Workers Party of Britain: Mehmood Jamshed
  • Green: Pippa Maslin
  • Labour: Siobhain McDonagh
  • Reform UK: Ruth Price

Old Bexley and Sidcup

  • Green: Brad Davies
  • Reform UK: Maxine Fothergill
  • Conservative: Louie French
  • Liberal Democrat: Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett
  • Labour: Edward Jones
  • Independent: Andrew Still
  • Rejoin EU: Laurent Williams


  • Conservative: Gareth Bacon
  • Social Democratic Party: John Bright
  • Liberal Democrat: Graeme Casey
  • Reform UK: Mark James
  • Green: Seamus McCauley
  • Labour: Ju Owens


  • Independent: Jennifer Blake
  • Labour: Miatta Fahnbulleh
  • Independent: Stefan Harvey
  • Workers Revolutionary Party: Mariatu Kargbo
  • Rejoin EU: Alex Kerr
  • Conservative: Ben Mascall
  • Yoruba Party in the UK: Olusola Oni
  • Reform UK: Linda Purcell
  • Green: Claire Sheppard
  • Liberal Democrat: David Watson

Poplar and Limehouse

  • Labour: Apsana Begum
  • Green: Nathalie Bienfait
  • Conservative: Freddie Downing
  • Liberal Democrat: Richard Flowers
  • Reform UK: Tony Glover
  • Independent: Ehtashamul Haque
  • Workers Party of Britain: Kamran Khan
  • Social Democratic Party: Manny Lawal


  • Labour: Fleur Anderson
  • Rejoin EU: Felix Burford-Connole
  • Reform UK: Peter Hunter
  • Workers Party of Britain: Heiko Khoo
  • Liberal Democrat: Kieren McCarthy
  • Green: Fergal McEntee
  • Conservative: Lee Roberts

Queen’s Park and Maida Vale

  • Liberal Democrat: Helen Baxter
  • Reform UK: Angela Carter-Begbie
  • Independent: Abby Jan Dharamsi
  • Labour: Georgia Gould
  • Conservative: Samia Hersi
  • Green: Vivien Lichtenstein
  • Workers Party of Britain: Irakli Menabde

Richmond Park

  • Labour: Laura Coryton
  • The Mitre TW9: Chris French
  • Conservative: Sara Gezdari
  • Social Democratic Party: Richard Harrison
  • Reform UK: Michael Hearn
  • Liberal Democrat: Sarah Olney
  • Green: Chas Warlow


  • Labour: Andrew Achilleos
  • English Constitution Party: Colin Birch
  • Liberal Democrat: Thomas Clarke
  • Green: David Hughes
  • Reform UK: Philip Hyde
  • Workers Party of Britain: Zhafaran Qayum
  • Conservative: Andrew Rosindell

Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner

  • Liberal Democrat: Jonathan Banks
  • Labour: Tony Gill
  • Green: Jess Lee
  • Reform UK: Ian Price
  • Conservative: David Simmonds

Southgate and Wood Green

  • Labour: Bambos Charalambous
  • Liberal Democrat: Lauren Fulbright
  • Green: Charith Gunawardena
  • Workers Party of Britain: Geoff Moseley
  • Reform UK: Lucy O’Sullivan
  • Conservative: Eric Sukumaran
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Karl Vidol

Stratford and Bow

  • Independent: Nizam Ali
  • Conservative: Kane Blackwell
  • Reform UK: Jeff Evans
  • Independent: Omar Faruk
  • Independent: Steve Hedley
  • Green: Joe Hudson-Small
  • Workers Party of Britain: Halima Khan
  • Labour: Uma Kumaran
  • Independent: Fiona Lali
  • Liberal Democrat: Janey Little

Streatham and Croydon North

  • Green: Scott Ainslie
  • Liberal Democrat: Claire Bonham
  • Conservative: Anthony Boutall
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Magdaline Nzekwue
  • Social Democratic Party: Myles Owen
  • Labour: Steve Reed
  • Workers Party of Britain: Waseem Sherwani
  • Reform UK: Philip Watson

Sutton and Cheam

  • Independent: Hamilton Action-Man Kingsley
  • Green: Aasha Anam
  • Conservative: Tom Drummond
  • Reform UK: Ryan Powell
  • Labour: Chrishni Reshekaron
  • Liberal Democrat: Luke Taylor


  • Rejoin EU: Jas Alduk
  • Labour: Rosena Allin-Khan
  • Conservative: Ethan Brooks
  • Green: Nick Humberstone
  • Workers Party of Britain: Tarik Hussain
  • Independent: Davinder Jamus
  • Reform UK: Andrew Price
  • Liberal Democrat: Judith Trounson


  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Amelia Allao
  • Green: David Craig
  • Reform UK: Roger Gravett
  • Communist League: Pamela Holmes
  • Independent: Nandita Lal
  • Labour: David Lammy
  • Rejoin EU: Andrew Miles
  • Workers Party of Britain: Jennifer Obaseki
  • Liberal Democrat: Hari Prabu
  • Conservative: Attic Rahman


  • Labour: Tom Bruce
  • Conservative: Jonathan Hulley
  • Green: Chantal Kerr-Sheppard
  • Workers Party of Britain: Umair Malik
  • Reform UK: Alex Starling
  • Liberal Democrat: Munira Wilson

Uxbridge and South Ruislip

  • Labour: Danny Beales
  • UK Independence Party: Geoff Courtenay
  • Social Democratic Party: Steve Gardner
  • Green: Sarah Green
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Gary Harbord
  • Liberal Democrat: Ian Rex-Hawkes
  • Conservative: Steve Tuckwell
  • Reform UK: Tim Wheeler

Vauxhall and Camberwell Green

  • Green: Catherine Dawkins
  • Labour: Florence Eshalomi
  • Liberal Democrat: Chris French
  • Conservative: Aarti Joshi
  • Reform UK: Mike King
  • Social Democratic Party: Andrew McRobbie


  • Workers Party of Britain: Imran Arshad
  • Independent: Mohammed Ashfaq
  • Labour: Stella Creasy
  • Independent: Dan Edelstyn
  • Conservative: Sanjana Karnani
  • Reform UK: Martin Lonergan
  • Independent: Ruth Rawlins
  • Green: Rosie Rowlands
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Nancy Taaffe
  • Liberal Democrat: Rebecca Taylor

West Ham and Beckton

  • Labour: James Asser
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Lois Austin
  • Liberal Democrat: Emily Bigland
  • Green: Rob Callender
  • Reform UK: Georgie David
  • Newham Independents Party: Sophia Naqvi
  • Conservative: Holly Ramsey
  • Christian Peoples Alliance: Kayode Shedowo


  • Independent: Sarah Barber
  • Green: Rachel Brooks
  • Reform UK: Ben Cronin
  • Conservative: Danielle Dunfield-Prayero
  • Liberal Democrat: Paul Kohler
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