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Plans for Regent Street unveiled

  • March 3, 2024
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Plans for Regent Street unveiled

Westminster City Council and The Crown Estate have unveiled their Regent Street Public Realm Vision showcasing their plans for the area. The report outlines collective ambitions for one of London’s most iconic streets after an “extensive” public engagement with residents and visitors from the UK and abroad.

Three key priorities emerged from the public’s feedback are prioritising pedestrian experience, preserving heritage, and introducing nature and greening. These priorities will be central in developing designs to enhance the look and feel of the street for the benefit of the local community and the millions of people that visit it each annually, and hope to secure Regent Street’s position as one of the leading urban destinations on the global stage long into the future.

The ultimate ambition is to design and deliver a public realm project that connects St. James’s Park to Regent’s Park, to bring forward a new green link through the heart of the West End. This would emphasise and reimagine the famous architect – John Nash’s – ‘park-to-park’ connection, set out over 200 years ago, to help adapt it in a changing climate and give rise to a variety of flourishing activities and experiences along its 1.5 mile route.

The public engagement process was held between July and October 2023, to gather feedback from people who live, work, and visit Regent Street. Engagement was specifically designed to be inclusive of a wide range of communities and resulted in 3,500 people participating through a series of workshops, online and on-street surveys, and social media campaigns. This ensured that the report gave rich insights that reflected perspectives from those communities.

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