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A Guide to Valentine’s Day in London

  • February 13, 2024
  • 3 min read
A Guide to Valentine’s Day in London

Whether you’re a seasoned Londoner or a love-struck tourist, the city revels in romance on Valentine’s Day. Forget the predictable dinner-and-a-movie routine, for London offers plenty of exciting options to ignite your passion.

Orchids at Kew until the 3rd March at the Princess of Wales Conservatory, Kew Gardens

Flowers are to Valentine’s Day what pumpkins are to Halloween and there are few better places than Kew to see them. The annual orchid festival at the gardens is a celebration vibrant flora to brighten up the winter months. This year, it looks to Madagascar with its stunning natural beauty and incredible biodiversity. Become enchanted by a land of striking contrast, from spiny forests to succulent woodlands; and a menagerie of the most unique wildlife on Earth. Don’t miss the extraordinary giraffe weevils! Explore installations of extinct species and keep an eye out for ring tailed lemurs high up in the trees above you.


Romeo & Juliet at the Backyard Cinema

Shakespeare’s world famous play is perhaps the most famous love story ever and the 1996 movie adaptation starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes is a cult classic. Head to the Backyard Cinema to see it screened under the stained glass windows and amongst the candle-lit aisles of one of London’s most iconic and atmospheric venues, accompanied by a live choir performing versions of the classic movie soundtrack, including Young Hearts, Everybody’s Free, Kissing You, You and Me Song, Local God and Doves Cry.

Love Lates at the Science Museum until the 7th March

From the intimate bonds of friendship to the pursuit of passions and pleasure, the museum navigates the landscape of human connection like never before. What does the latest neuroscience tell us about the strongest human emotion? Has increased digital interaction changed how we express affection? As more of us identify as LGBTQ+, how has the queer experience transformed our understanding of love?  Visit Lates to explore the latest dating and sex tech, as well as the future of family units and the power of pheromones, Plus, enjoy regular Lates activities including the iconic silent disco and your chance to see the Science Museum’s galleries after hours.


Notting Hill Walking Tour for Two

Travel to Notting Hill and take this walking tour where a local expert will guide you through the iconic streets. Visit the filming locations where classics including Love Actually and, of course Notting Hill were filmed. Then head over to Portobello Market to experience the exciting atmosphere on market day. Be sure to see the iconic blue door that was featured in the 1999 film Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts and take your picture with it. Then travel to the world-famous book shop and learn about the area and why it has become so popular with celebrities.


Sky Garden

There are few places that offer better views than that from Sky Gardens. This Valentine’s Day you can enjoy a tasty sharing board with a bottle of Champagne while the house DJ plays chilled date night tunes to create a genuinely romantic atmosphere.


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